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  • Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior?

    In 1999 the country was horrified by the news of the Columbine High School Massacre, an event where 13 people were killed and nearly 30 more were injured. Once again in 2012 the nation stood aghast at the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School which killed 20 students and six teachers. What do Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Adam Lanza, the perpetrators of these terrifying crimes, all share in common? They all loved to play violent video games. But these boys are not the only ones to play…

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  • Violence In Video Games And Violent Behavior

    legislators. There has been growing concern that playing violent video games will cause an increase in aggression and violent behavior in players (Ferguson 2007). Topics discussed in this paper will be the process and the effectiveness of the ESRB rating system. The behavioral effects, both positive and negative that are caused by playing violent video games. All of this information will be pertinent to the end goal of establishing whether or not there is…

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  • The Importance Of Technology: Our Savior Or Our Demise?

    Sheldon Laughridge Mrs. Bailey 3rd Period 30 October 2015 Our Savior or Our Demise? Technology, is it killing us or saving us? An extremely debatable topic in the world today. Should it be as debatable as it 's made out to be though? What good it does do, seems as if what good it does do has deadly consequences. For example, electronic cigarettes are supposed to be out to help people quit smoking and decrease the chances of getting cancer and heart disease, but now it is coming out that this…

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  • Causes Of Violence In America

    which is a surprising amount of children. In the video game industry, there are plenty of genres to play such as games about sports, war, and even games that are focused around committing a crime. For every video game released, a company must place a rating on the game to determine the age group allowed to experience everything involved…

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  • Ultimate Violence Simulator

    rather to protect something they loved and cared for. Over the decades, human society has begun to expose more violent media to the young masses with acts of entertainment such as movies and TV shows, but within the last few decades the rise of an interactive violence media known as video games has ascended to the public. This form of entertainment over the course of time has gained a certain charisma among its fans; however controversies cloud this form of media one side suggesting…

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  • The Over Exaggeration Of Violence In Video Games

    The over exaggeration of violence in games The over exaggeration of violence in video games by people has always been an issue in many forms for people across the many forms of media. The video game industry, new compared to other forms of media such as books or newspaper, has rapidly evolved into a media giant that, in a short span of time, has created very stylized forms of gameplay that often use violence. The main topics the public needs to understand with games and violence are that: the…

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  • Role Of Violence In Video Games Essay

    game industry is more popular than ever. These games have created a big controversy in whether they cause kids to become violent or not. There are many effective ways that keep children safe from violent video games which include the Entertainment Software Rating Board, outdated research that…

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  • Gamestop Marketing Strategy

    Wal-Mart is trying to even the playing field by unveiling their new website for videogames, Geeks & Gadgets which is an electronics and entertainment blog that shares news, solutions and tips about electronics and trending topics in technology. Visitors can also shop Wal-Mart’s electronics and video games. Consumer spending or the demand for electronics is controlled by many economic factors…

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  • The Importance Of The Video Gaming Industry

    The video gaming industry has grown exponentially since the days it first began. Better graphics, processing power and gameplay due to evolving technology has helped turn it into one of the world’s favorite forms of entertainment especially for kids. However, some of the games that developers release contain violence and sexual themes which raises the question, “Should kids really be playing this?” How is the government regulating the content in video games? The government is trying to put laws…

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  • Is Censorship Necessary Evil

    of their audience. At the same time, the censored material may be a part of the core of the song so it affects what the artist wishes to express. The famous rapper “Eminem” has been criticized and even fined many times by the media and the censor board for his excessive use of foul language and the descriptions made by his alter ego “Slim Shady” of the brutal and cruel things that he thinks of. -CNN. One of his first songs under the Slim Shady persona, “The Real Slim Shady” contained intense and…

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