English Renaissance theatre

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  • Julius Caesar Imagery Analysis

    Throughout Shakespeare's play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare uses imagery to paint out images in your mind. He uses the language to express what is happening in the play because they are very minimalistic. Since they have limited resources and props they are forced to show what happens through words. This play spotlights various examples of imagery to help the audience understand this historical tragedy. He uses words to show all of the crazy things Casca sees during the day, to show…

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  • Commentary On The Play Grounded

    Grounded was a creatively executed, compelling play about a Pilot and her struggle to keep her identity as a fighter pilot while still being a loving mother and wife. The show was held in the basement of the Longstreet Theatre in a small, dark room. There was one actress on stage, but it was obvious that the production involved several other people to pull it all together back stage. The show was designed so that the audience could see the actress playing the Pilot, a single chair, and a variety…

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  • Konstantin Stanislavski's System

    family loved Drama, so he grew up in the world of Theatre. He first mounted the stage at 14, after his family organised a theatre group named the "Alekseyev Circle”. Stanislavski believed theatre should educate the public. At 25 he married Maria Perevoshchikova, who eventually became an actress under the name of Lilina. In 1898 he founded the Moscow Art Theatre with writer and director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. For two years, the Moscow Art Theatre toured Europe and the USA. On the night of…

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  • Personal Identity In David Hume's View Of The Self

    analysis of the statement, dissecting Hume’s view of what the “self” entailed, and how the mind works in helping deceive us into thinking that there is a “self”. After which, I hope to provide a greater insight of the theatrical metaphor used, as theatre is often cited to be “an essential and central metaphor for life” (Wilshire 1985). Analysis of passage Hume asserts that “we are nothing but a bundle… of different perceptions”. This is essential in understanding his stance that we are merely a…

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  • Dramaturgy: Film Analysis

    As explained by Erving Goffman, the sociological concept of dramaturgy is a theatrical representation of life which revolves on the idea that “impression formation is a central feature of human interaction which brings about the attempt to present oneself to others in a particular way” (Tischler and Ashton 23). The world in which we live in is like a stage because as human beings, we are concerned about our public image and how we present our identity to the public. In truth, we make an effort…

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  • Millennium Approaches In Tony Kushner's Angels In America

    Roy Cohn and Joe Pitt demonstrate an intriguing relationship throughout the entirety of Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. This relationship reaches a climax in Act 3 Scene 5 showcasing an eruption of emotion that fills the entire stage. Both the script reading and performance provided me something to analyze. However, whereas the script lets the reader envision how the setting should be shown, the live broadcast showcases the emotions in a way that words alone could…

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  • Masculinity In The 1950's

    revolutionary period in Australian drama; it brought with it plenty of new playwrights with fresh and innovative ideas. A particular theme seem throughout all of these plays is the evolution of masculinity and it’s representation within Australian theatre. The 1950’s brought a change in content and style of Australian plays being written during that time compared to the previous decades, especially revolving around it’s male characters. After decades of severe suffering through World War II…

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  • Essay On Why I Chose Theatre

    we do not find ourselves wailing in the idea that we went to college for nothing. I am studying theatre in the performance aspect, concentrating in acting. I am actually leaning more towards the entertainment field rather than the artistic field, which does not require any sort of theatre education on a collegiate level, however I am here because while I want to be a screen actress, I do love theatre and I need the education in case I fail in my hopes and dreams. If that unfortunate occurrence…

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  • Immersion In Saving Private Ryan

    Have you ever been watching a movie, or playing a game, that had you so immersed, you needed to remind yourself this was a fantasy? Storming the beaches of Normandy, traversing the galaxy on an Imperial Star Destroyed, or slinging through downtown Manhattan next to Spider-Man, all different mediums of film, television and video games have the power to integrate their audiences into their world, and create an exciting and enjoyable experience. When fanfiction develops, techniques are employed…

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  • Richard Schechner Organizational Patterns

    The first approach is the scholarly sources that set the basic support for the theatre curriculums of colleges in helping prepare students for a career in theatre. The second approach is to the sources for the creation of a list of skills and knowledge a student needs to become an effective stage manager. Richard Schechner’s journal article is about students that are majoring…

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