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  • Meiosis Compare And Contrast Essay

    Larry Oliver 2 December 2016 EXSC 223 Assignment Four 1. Define Meiosis. Compare and contrast meiosis with mitosis. Meiosis is the nuclear division process that reduces the chromosomal number by half and results in the formation of four haploid (n) cells; occurs only in certain reproductive organs. Mitosis has only one division consisting of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, meiosis has two divisions each of the 4 phases listed. Also, meiosis has a synapsis of homologous…

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  • Phosphatase And Tensin Homography

    very rare (Longy M, Coulon V, et al. 1998). BRRS associate with developmental delay and learning disability. CS is a disorder that result in higher risk of developing different type of benign and malignant tumours such as breast thyroid and endometrium. However this condition has a similar characterises to BRRS. The developing tumour like growths for this CS is found on the skin and mucous membrane, nevertheless they can occur in other part of the body. Majority of the CS cases has resulted…

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  • 3d Sonohoscopy Lab Report

    Comparison of 3 dimensional sonohysterography versus hysteroscopy in Premenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ultrasound and Fetal care unit*, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. ABSTRACT Objectives: To compare between the diagnostic accuracy of 3D sonohysterography and hysteroscopy in detection of intracavitary uterine abnormalities in premenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding. Patients & Methods: In this study fifty female patients…

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  • The Cause Of Obesity In African Americans

    What is Obesity? Obesity is a very common condition affecting millions of people. Not only is obesity unhealthy, but it could be very costly, and most of all, very detrimental to your life and well-being. Please continue reading for ways you can prevent obesity, populations associated with obesity, and how to maintain a healthy life-style. Who is mostly affected? Technically speaking, everyone can become obese, including you. Obesity affects certain groups more than others. Obesity rates in…

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  • Sprague: A Qualitative Analysis

    5. Dwivedi, et al., (2008) described that the Synthesis of 11-substituted estradiol derivatives (12–17) has been approved out by the Grignard reaction with alkyl, allyl, and benzyl halides on 17b-hydroxy-3-methoxy-11-oxo-estra-1,3,5(10),8(9)-tetraene (10). The novel compounds (10 and 12–17) were appraised for their preliminary post-coital contraceptive (anti-implantation) activity in Sprague–Dawley rats. The tested compounds were managed orally and exhibited noteworthy anti-implantation activity…

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  • The Ceervix Is The Compost Despression Of The Uterus

    the development of the endometrial lining. During anovulatory cycles, continued exposure to estrogen for prolonged periods leads to abnormal hyperplasia of the endometrium and abnormal bleeding patterns. When estrogen production is poorly coordinated during the normal menstrual period, inappropriate bleeding and shedding of the endometrium also can occur. During menopause (between 48-55 years old), reduced amount of estrogen and progesterone is produced by the ovaries. Atrophy of the pelvic…

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  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    HRT (Gompel et al., 2008). The use of oestrogen-only HRT increases the risk of endometrial cancer in women who have an intact uterus (Short, 2015). In these cases women should use progestogen with oestrogen to counteract the stimulation of the endometrium (Hickey et al., 2012). Combined HRT does not raise the risk of endometrial cancer providing the correct balance of progesterone is used (Furness et al., 2012). The risk of stroke for HRT women could be dose dependant according the Nurses Health…

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  • Dyspareunia Research Paper

    Dyspareunia, Female Dyspareunia is pain associated with sexual activity. This can affect any part of the genitals, and there are many possible causes. This condition ranges from mild to severe. Depending on the cause, dyspareunia may get better with treatment, or it may return (recur) over time. CAUSES The cause of this condition is not always known. Possible causes include: • Cancer. • Psychological factors, such as depression, anxiety, or previous traumatic experiences. • Severe pain…

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  • Breast Neoplasm Research Paper

    Cancer is a polyp from benign to malignant involving with cells growing at an uncontrollable rate. Most neoplasms can be either benign or malignant depending on what stage and can be cured if treatments are done in time. Breast neoplasm is an obstruction where polyps are developed, obstructing the normal pathways of one or both nipples, the areola, and the ducts within the vicinity surrounds the breast. There are many forms neoplasms in the breast varying from IDC, which is short for Invasive…

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  • How Does Obesity Affect The Body

    Many people don’t see food as a serious issue when it comes to their well-being and that mindset is contributing to the rising overweight as well as the obese population. America is going through a rapid change in weight demographics in which the number of overweight and obese people greatly outnumbers the normal weighted population because according to the CDC, “…34.2% of U.S. adults aged 20 years and over are overweight, 33.8% are obese, and 5.7% are extremely obese…” (1). One might assume the…

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