Emotions and culture

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  • Cross Cultural Analysis Essay

    world, more and more people need to learn how to live satisfactory in a new cultural environment. Following such a transition from one culture to another – cross-cultural transitions – the individual will in some way or another experience what is called cross-cultural adjustment. However, there are many different reasons for people to move between different cultures; that could be in order to study, work, visit their family or escape a violent regime, or to do a PhD (Arnett, 2002). The…

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  • My Cultural Background

    Culture refers to the beliefs, ideas, traditions and behaviors portrayed by certain communities that are passed from one generation to another. It is defined in many ways. Defined by social scientist, culture includes all areas of life. All humans have a culture. We all have a cultural background and without it there would be no framework for our lives. We are not born with culture; we have to learn it. Throughout the development of our entire life span, culture is learned from the society in…

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  • The Theories Of Listening To Music

    Music has been a big part of the human race’s culture. Music dates back as far as 250,000 years, and has been known for being all over the world. With the grand variety of music selection, each song has a different way of being perceived; for countless years psychologist have been trying to connection music with ones emotions. Music has been reported to induce a full range of human emotions. So how is it that organized sound and beats evoke such an emotion in a way that is in capable from any…

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  • Essay On Multicultural Counseling

    considering the culture of the participants. The counselor must be culturally competent and aware of their personal attitudes, biases, values, assumptions, and prejudices. He or she must also have knowledge about the diverse backgrounds of the client because this could affect the dynamics and processes of the sessions. The client may be of different cultural backgrounds, but the problems are the same, poverty is not about a culture that is universal. The problems that occur in families and…

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  • Examples Of Intercultural Misunderstanding Essay

    communication. I realized the process of responding to people from different cultures can be really challenging. It is true that the greater the difference in culture between two people, the greater the potential for misunderstanding and mistrust. To avoid culture shock and misunderstanding, foreigners should know more about the country. If foreigners would like to come to Indonesia, they should know about Indonesia’s culture that values tradition, punctuality, and communication styles,…

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  • How Did Chinese Culture Influence The Tang Dynasty

    have been mentioned, the overall question: How did Chinese culture influence the Tang dynasty’s tri-colored burial sculptures and how does it compare to the way Chinese sculpture art is influenced now, can be answered by comparing the two time periods in order to see where the similarities and differences lay. To begin, both the art in the Tang dynasty and that of modern day China were exposed to and inspired by a wide range of cultures at the time the art was created. In the case of the Tang…

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  • The Importance Of Gestures In Business Communication

    Every culture has its own significance, like meal, clothes, music, dance, language and of course gestures. People differentiate a various types of gestures in different cultures, particularly in business conversations. In official conversations, people should pay special attention to the gestures of speakers. By using appropriate gestures, we can greet and say goodbye to an interlocutor can send information and show our own psychic condition. By the shown gesture, we can injure and abuse or…

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  • Unidimensional Model Of Acculturation

    The Unidimensional Model of Acculration suggested that individuals can only maintain a single culture within oneself and therefore when moving into a foreign culture, individual must discard his culture of origin and adapt the host culture. If he cannot do that, he cannot fit in with the society and will lead in the increase of negative emotions and behaviours. This model used to be the predominent theory of acculturation in the United States in the 20th century, but becoming less accurate in…

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  • Zombies Evolution

    sometimes even feel zombie’s emotions. This is interesting because when anyone has emotions it makes them vulnerable and if they are vulnerable this might depict them as weak. Weak in the sense that one might not be as scary as they first Also, if you show your true emotions, people may take your emotions and use the against you to make you emotionally unstable. This is a common tactic used in fights to get the upper hand. You use the opponent’s ethos and bring out their emotions. This…

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  • Relationship Between Color And Emotion

    Do colors and emotions have a connection? In our everyday lives, colors impact the way we feel without even noticing the connection. Color is an inseparable part of our lives that we tend to perceive things through. It has a deep impact on our emotions and feelings. We learn as we grow, especially in school, to associate colors with emotions. For instance, children in school learn that the color green is associated with being glad and red being associated with anger. Yet do they know that the…

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