Emotion and memory

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  • Deontological Moral Judgement

    verbal processes support utilitarian judgements. This was based on the finding that visual representations are more emotionally salient (Holmes & Mathews, 2005), than verbal thought (Mathews, Ridgeway & Holmes, 2013), due to the earlier evolution of emotion (O ̈ hman & Mineka, 2001). Using a visual/verbal task to assess the preferential cognitive style of their participants (N=51), they found that individuals with visual cognitive styles made more deontological than utilitarian moral judgements.…

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  • How Does Emotion Affect Our Lives

    How Emotion controls relationships Emotions control our lives. It is impossible to imagine a life without emotions as it is a primary determinant in our relationships with others. Different emotional expressions are exhibited in relationships under different circumstances. Humans treasure their feelings in whatever they do, be it watching a football game or a touch by a loved one. Emotions give a clue on the current situation of a relationship, for instance; positive emotion translates to…

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  • Imagination: An Analysis Of Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    with one leg bent beneath him, his jaw in his throat, his face neither expressive nor inexpressive.” (124). Utilizing the use of exaggeration in his descriptions, O’Brien is able to tug on the reader’s emotions. This causes the reader to be capable of imagining the pain, fear, and other various emotions that the soldiers are facing throughout the war. For readers to generate the understanding the trauma of the war, the story “must ‘burn so hot’ when it is told that it becomes alive for the…

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  • The Mesmerising Effects Of Music And The Human Brain

    ABSTRACT The Vocal or Instrumental sounds (or both) that combine to produce beauty, harmony and expression of emotions is termed as music. Music has a mesmerizing effect on individuals who may or may not be musically trained. This type of mesmerising effect is a pleasure to the auditory senses and the brain. It has been observed that the pleasurable effect produced by music is due to the release of Dopamine in the Forebrain. Thus music isn’t simply an art that is produced and performed for…

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  • Biopsychosocial Trauma Case Study

    For several complex historical, philosophical and scientific reasons, Western Culture has often tried to unravel the mystery of human being within the dualistic conception of body and mind, by privileging the higher rational processes - such as language and cognition - over somatic experiences. In psychotherapy, this manifest preference influences the understanding and treatment of trauma. Since trauma is an “event inside a person’s head” (Henry, 2006, p. 383), traditional interventions target…

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  • Music Analysis: Snowden And Teie

    emotional communication in other species.” Music, for the most part, is a man-made concept. The music that humans make are created with humans as the specified audience— Our music only really appeals to other human beings, as it can elicit certain emotions and responses unique to human life. Thus, “[a] major issue of testing animals with music composed for humans is that tempos and pitch ranges of human music may not be relevant for another species. There may also be species typical ways of…

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  • Irony In The Things They Carried

    This endangered the men and exposed them to extensive danger in the field. O’Briens memories from war help him create a true experience for the reader, “Like most of the literature of the Vietnam war, “The Things They Carried” is shaped by the personal combat experiences of the author” (“The Things They Carried” 320). He can make connections through the characters others would not be able to make, revealing true emotion. Readers praise O’Brien for his ability to blend facts with fiction in his…

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  • Psychological Analysis Of Inside Out Itumblr

    understand our own emotions and the emotions of others. It’s what helps us differentiate between similar or confusing feelings (like when we think we are mad at someone, but realize we’re actually feeling hurt and sad). It’s how we use emotional information to guide our thinking and behavior (like when we’re scared and we need to get ourselves out of dangerous situations quickly). And…

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  • Awakening Vs. Sleep

    My short term memory isn’t as sharp as I wish it would be, but it is a lot more accurate than it is within my dreams. Sometimes it is difficult trying to remember where I was at, who I was with, and my actions within my dreams. In the real world this isn’t a problem for…

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  • John Bargh's Theory Of Emotional Advertising

    must be brought into our conscious awareness. This activation process relies on memory cues, or mental “tags,” created most effectively through emotional experience. For this reason, the power of advertising lies in the premeditated association of symbols with emotion, which serves to reflect societal values and link them to previously unrelated products. The efficacy of an advertisement is contingent upon the emotion it evokes that is then, in turn, linked with the product. These sentiments…

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