Emotion and memory

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  • Questions For The Giver By Lois Lowry

    place without color, pain, war, and emotions. In this Utopia there are no problems and the community obeys the laws. There was a boy named Jonas, old elder, and a baby named Gabriel (that was going to get released=killed) with pale eyes, nobody else had pale eyes. Every December they have a ceremony, and different age groups receive something special, but the 12’s receive unpredicted jobs. They call you up by numbers to recieve your age…

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  • Joy And Sadness Essay

    living in her brain and controlling her emotions. Although she is crucial to the narrative form, Joy’s conflicts and goals are what makes this story move forward. Joy is just one of the five basic emotions living in Riley’s brain, and she seems to have the biggest role when it comes to keeping Riley’s happy childhood memories or “core” memories safe in the hub. Joy’s main goal is to keep Sadness away from the console and to continue to create happy memories despite Riley’s unexpected move from…

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  • Art Analysis: Old Bearded Man

    I interpret this piece as a traditional man’s view on how to be a traditional man. The speaker is sure that the way to succeed is to be a silent strength with no showing emotion. I summarize this poem because of all of the “if you” do this then “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it” There is a serene mood in this painting. The man’s eyes are a calm depth, and there is no hurry to the look of his face. I think…

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  • 'Balance In The Movie Inside Out'

    say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.” Emotions affect everything, our emotions, personalities, and activities. We need to let our emotions express themselves through our actions to have emotional balance, which leads to an individual perspective on life. How we see and learn about the world is heavily influenced by our parents, emotions, and past experiences. Emotions influence our decisions and thoughts all the time. In the movie Inside Out,…

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  • Transference In Lydia Davis's In A House Besieged

    This intersubjective approach is adopted in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, but it is also analogous to the relationship between individuals and the arts, in particular, literary work. Transferential exchanges of stories, raw emotions, and associations related to these emotions occur consciously and unconsciously in both types of relationships. Approaching literature with this intersubjective framework expands the readers’ abilities to gain further insight about not only the text itself, but…

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  • The War Refugee Poem

    poems in the anthology explore the relationship of grief and memory? Grief of some kind or another is an inevitable fate we all meet some point in our lives but how grief affects us varies from person to person. In ‘War Photographer’, Carol Ann duffy explores the suppressed memories of a photographer’s past due to the traumatic nature memory of war. Piano examines the haunting and destructive capabilities of memory when the speaker remembers his childhood with his mother which…

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  • The Importance Of Imagery In Lois Lowery's The Giver

    topics, the main one is the importance of emotion. In the very beginning the movie is in black and white, but throughout the film the scenes adjust to what Jonas (Brandon Thwaites), the main character, has or has not seen, felt, or heard through the Giver (Jeff Bridges). Jonas is assigned his job at the age of eighteen, and is deemed to have all the qualities to be the next Receiver, the only person in the entire community to be able to receive memories of the past, before this utopian society…

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  • Toni Morrison Trauma

    Trauma is an exhausting, painful mind game that feeds off of the strongest emotions felt by an individual like fear and anger; its longevity on one’s memory lingers through the years and forces many to relive their most tragic experiences without an end. Recitatif, Toni Morrison’s short story, illustrates the effects of trauma through the perspective of an orphan girl, Twyla, and her best friend in the orphanage, Roberta. While the young girls are growing up in an orphanage, they observe an…

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  • The Giver Perfect Society

    he had a special role in his society. At the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas gets selected to be the Receiver of Memory, which is the most important job. Jonas meets the previous Receiver Of Memory, now called Giver, who provides Jonas with memories of all sort; pain, happiness, sorrow, and death. As he experiences these memories, Jonas longed for a world where he was free and could share memories with his family and friends. In the book, we discover that a “perfect society” is not as good as it…

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  • Music And Emotional Effect

    Music and Emotional Effects Stephanie, and Simon Fegers. "Violent Lyrics = Aggressive Listeners? Effects Of Song Lyrics And Tempo On Cognition, Affect, And Self-Reported Arousal." Journal Of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, And Applications 28.1 (2016): 32-41. PsycARTICLES. Web. 15 Sept. 2016. Summary: The source of this academic scholarly journal is the Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Method, and Applications. The source is important because the audience will know where this…

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