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  • Are Pet Owners Really At Greater Risk Of Cancer Case Study

    1a. The title of the article is ‘Are Pet Owners Really at Greater Risk of Cancer?’ The source of the study is from the website ‘Psychology Today’ under ‘Animal Behavior’. The research included in the article is from the University of Arizona. 1b. The study by University of Arizona was conducted via existing medical data collected from a project called ‘Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)’. This data included medical data from over 120,000 women. The research team wanted to investigate the chances…

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  • Values And Values Of Science

    The tools of science are not the apparati with which science is executed, such as scales and telescopes, nor the theories science generates to explain things, though both are useful instruments in their own right. I refer instead to the habitual processes which science relies upon. The most prominent tool is the scientific method which serves to direct one 's inquiry…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies Of Carl Sagan

    his garage. He then experiments his theory, according to Sagan the dragon is invisible. In his experiment he spreads flour all over the floor to locate footprints but the dragon floats in the air. Next, he tries to detect the fire from the dragon with an infrared sensor, but the dragon produces heatless fire. Lastly, he attempts to spray the dragon with paint, but she’s said to be incorporeal, so the paint doesn’t stick (Sagan). Without actual evidence his theories are…

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  • The Importance Of Psychology As A Science

    The question of whether or not psychology is a science is a query which tends to come up in academic circles, usually deteriorating into arguments surrounding the validity of the discipline. Psychology, being the most popular undergraduate major in the United States, is an appealing field of study for many youths considering a career that will not only allow them to flourish monetarily but also helps them to develop the skills they use in social interactions everyday. As a result of its…

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  • Reflective Essay On Active Listening

    Throughout my life I often caught myself thinking, “I wish someone would listen!” “Do they even know what listening is?” More so, “do they know what it takes to be an active listener?” Before entering Counseling Theory and Process, I was exceedingly confident in my ability to be an active listener, hence my interest in becoming a counselor, little did I know, there was an abundant amount of information to be learned. Furthermore, there was so much more knowledge to consume about other people…

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  • Exterminate All The Brutes Analysis

    His main idea is that the only thing humans have done is exterminate the brutes, or the inferior races. He then goes on to explain that humankind would then try to condone their actions with scientific theories and argumentation. Lindqvist is mainly discussing one problem, which is why people believe that they are more distinguished and why they think this gives them the right to exterminate others who are variant or of a lesser social class. This question…

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  • Relationship Between Service And Innovation

    Editor Comments: The paper effectively highlights a research gap on the interesting topic of service innovation. In addition, the paper makes a theoretical contribution concerning economic theory of globalization (Huttons and Giddens, 2001). On a constructive note, the unit of analysis needs to be clarified and the mix of top journal articles in the literature review needs improvement. A flaw in the paper is the lack of a conceptual model which would depict relationships between constructs and…

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  • Maslow's Theory: The Three Stages Of Our Development Of Personality

    On the contrary this theory allows us to be part of the change not focusing on any negativity nut positively rewarding us for working on progress much like the theories of Maslow’s, Bandura, Kelly and Allport to name a few. Most correlations are found with Maslow’s theory, “He focused on psychological health rather than illness, growth rather than stagnation, virtues and potentials rather than weaknesses…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychological Disorders

    There are multiple concepts throughout our text that I learned of that were interesting. I believe that the concepts of the benefits and disadvantages of being diagnosed with a disorder, psychological treatments, and the scientific method was however the interesting subjects that applied to me. Throughout the course I was able to relate to these and understand them, and they are something I believe I will find useful in a future setting. These concepts also help me understand certain situations…

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  • Analysis Of Seven Days Without Modern Technology

    And so, as the young men return from their treacherous mission- a perilous sennight without modern technology- they come back with not only the wicked tales of their trials, but also a report that is extremely crucial to their mark… Seven days without modern technology; a seemingly simple rule our group had to follow. There were very few exceptions to this rule, such as: using technology for homework, using technology for emergencies(i.e. your house is burning down), and any other situation-…

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