Emergency services

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  • Summary: The Health Care Industry

    is steadily evolving to try to meet the variety of services that the health care patient is requiring. For instance, a hospital can offer a patient an outpatient status on variety of health services instead of having to be hospitalized. They offer such services, so the patient can save time and money on their insurances costs, but at the same time, it increases the profit for the hospital, thus making it a mutually beneficial benefit. These services can be grouped into the following: clinics,…

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  • Urgent Care In Emergency Room

    When an illness or injury appear out of nowhere, you would usually go to an emergency room, but no one is being helped fast enough at an emergency room, so instead, people have turned to one of the fastest-growing segments of American health care: urgent care, a walk-in clinic. Although urgent care is not exactly like an emergency room, it is a clinic that handles many medical problems that are not too severe but need to be treated right away, especially if your primary care physician is not…

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  • Community Risk Reduction Plan Essay

    risk starts to emerge. Furthermore, because of these groups being scattered throughout the Baltimore City region, it is essential for the organization to acknowledge the risk and vulnerability to each community they serve. Because of the types of service delivery, evolving community demographic, the mixture of commercial and residential buildings Morrell Park Community would benefit from a Community Risk Reduction Plan that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the…

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  • Issues In Hospital Case Study

    obtain case management services. Of course, this causes huge issues for the hospital, because patients who are not in need of hospital beds are being admitted…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In The Workplace

    County Hospital Emergency Department. Three years ago, I also started working part time as a Psych Nurse at Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital, an addiction/mental health facility that recently opened in our community. I average about 1-2 days a week at each facility. Therefore, working in these specialized facilities, I see many life changing events that the commonplace layperson would never see even once in their lifetime. In reality, it reflects my fire department job. In the emergency…

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  • Ltc Facilities Case Study

    While some things within COOP’s overlap with the information in emergency operation plans, there are still many differences associated with it. Within this plan, facilities were to identify essential personnel needed in events which are key personnel identified as needed for continuation of essential operations within the facility. They also were to list out essential functions which are functions that provide vital services to the facility. Once listed these functions were to be prioritized…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of International Humanitarian Systems

    national actors are normally the first responders and respond in a timely manner (Zyck und Krebs, 2015, p. 3). A report regarding the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia shows, “local people provided almost all immediate life-saving action and early emergency support, as is commonly the case in disasters.” The first 72 hours are the most important ones to save lives, get fewer injuries and less damage. In these critical hours local and national actors are mostly the first and only responders. They…

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  • Key Success Factors In Emergency Responses

    Key success factors in response programs serve to ensure that emergency response operations meet the anticipated goals and objectives of incident mitigation, response and recovery. The main objective of incident response is to facilitate a quick and efficient recovery from a security incident. It also aims at reducing the impacts imposed by the threat, or a critical disruption of the functionality of the facility or resources in cases whereby an incident has taken place. The plan of approach is…

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  • The Washington Post Argument

    examines these articles, and the evidence that is shown in them. The different articles come from The Washington Post, CNN, and the FDA’s official website. I also found information about birth control from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The article from The Washington Post has information that is appropriate for both sides of the argument. Throughout my research I found a lot of good information to help me…

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  • Emergency Department Nursing Case Study

    Post-Traumatic Stress in Emergency Department Nurses Emergency Department (ED) nurses throughout the world are frequently exposed to traumatic events (TE) at work. These events lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emergency Department nurses also encounter conflicts among management, which can affect the quality of services rendered to the patients. Emergency Department (ED) nurses use conflict management style to resolve conflict, and to determine whether their…

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