Emergency services

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  • Fire Prevention In Healthcare: A Case Study

    response is very important. It is far more effective to implement a plan - even one that needs to be changed to suit the circumstances - than to improvise from scratch after a disaster has occurred. Basic disasters could disrupt essential public services such as transport, communications, sanitation and health care, and it may include unforeseen threats to public health. The plan for disaster should list the staff of office, and who will be responsible for creating and providing all the…

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  • A Career As A Career In My Life

    Life is like a continuous story filled with good and bad, and my life is no different. I am a person who has spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals. My little sister was a premature baby born with spina bifida, and therefore is permanently disabled and has aVP shunt. During my childhood my little sister had been taken to the hospital many times, and since my parents could not leave me alone at home I was always there with her. I have an older sister, but was not part of my childhood…

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  • Aeromedical Evacuation

    The field of aeromedical evacuation encompasses different levels of coordination, communication, and effort in transporting ill or injured to higher levels of care. From the time a person is injured in the field though the arrival at a fixed facility hospital, the patient entrusts care to people assumed to be trained professionals. In reality, the issues surrounding the deployment of personnel has holes in the process. The demand is high in times of crisis and the need for well-trained…

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  • Public Safety Case Study

    Around approximately 2:16 AM on Wednesday, March 8th Residence Hall Director (RHD) on call Tay Richardson received a call from Public Safety. Public Safety informed RHD Richardson that a resident Adrian Mcafee (am4407) from McBain 501 had made another "attempt" and taken 10 Benadryl. Public Safety also informed RHD Richardson that the resident's mother had called to inform them. Public Safety shared that there were already officers on scene. RHD Richardson informed Public Safety that they…

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  • Kevin Hazzard Paramedics

    author speaks to a general audience about a news issue shared to the public. If paramedics were allowed on the scene the night of the shooting at Pulse nightclub, a lot more lives could’ve been saved. He gives a strong argument that the approach emergency responders have now are “outdated”, and that it is nearly impossible to not put your life in danger while trying to save a victim’s life. Hazzard uses logos as he compares the two tragedies of the Orlando and Colorado shootings. Paramedics…

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  • The Importance Of CPR In Medical Shows

    Often seen in medical shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, CPR is a real lifesaving technique that saves many lives daily. Medical shows tend to be more glamorous and not as grounded as the realistic profession is. A common misconception with CPR and television is that a few minutes with CPR a patient is well. Anyone can learn this skill but television does not give the full functioning picture. This incredible skill is taught to many from lifeguards to a stay at home parent. The ability to learn CPR is…

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  • If I Stay Characters

    Choices Recently I came across a book named If I stay by Gayle Forman. The book was released back in 2009 and a movie was later made based on the book. The book is about Mia and her family. They are eating breakfast one morning, when her mother hears on the radio that school is canceled do to a snow day. As her family planes what to do with their day off. Mia looks in the newspaper and sees news about her boyfriend Adam 's band. She planned to go to his concert that night, but she also wants to…

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  • Personal Essay: What Makes A Haunted Mountain

    Justin started home when he noticed the mountain in the distance and felt the urge to visit once more. "After today, I am not going back up here," he promised riding across the field to the flat where he had left his bike on previous visits. Slipping and sliding he scurried up the steep mountainside while trying to be quiet. From time to time, he grabbed the bushes to keep from sliding backward. When he arrived at the mines, he moved the boards covering the entrance. He stepped inside, shined a…

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  • Example Of Community Resilience

    stronger socials infrastructure for resilience (Chandra, 2011). Developing strong communication networks allow for cohesive and integrated communication throughout a population, especially when dealing with at-risk or populations that need to receive emergency alerts and information through alternative means (Chandra, 2011). In both a public health and disaster response paradigm, it has been identified that population health literacy is an important component of community resilience. It consists…

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  • Elements Of The Interoperability Continuum

    Planning for emergencies is no easy task. Because most large-scale emergencies happen infrequently, we must often look to the successes and failures of others to prepare our communities for various critical incidents. A major item to be considered when preparing or working through a critical incident is the inoperability of the various groups working during a disaster. Effective communication is paramount when moving resources and making decisions post-incident. If the situation is not…

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