Eleventh dynasty of Egypt

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  • The Decline Of The Seljuk Empire

    and the rise of the Seljuk empire, 1040-1200 The sultan-caliph relationship was established when the Turks entered Islam. They did not abolish the Caliphate, by replaced it with a new institution, the Sultanate. It was in the second half of the eleventh century that a third nation was added to the Islam empire. The Turks first entered the Caliphate four hundred years earlier when they were brought in as slaves or adventurers serving as soldiers. Through excellence in service and skill they…

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  • Islamic Pottery History

    Islamic art was still very primitive and trade with China opened up many new doors Chinese pottery had a significant impact on Islamic pottery for many centuries. The Tang dynasty inspired…

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  • The Influence Of Queen Nzinga In Africa

    of Africa this essay will discuss the influence that women had in shaping the history of African politics, culutre, and society. Ancient Egypt is an African civilization that has gained historical notoriety for its political and technological advances, with Pharaohs at the forefront of its success. Hatshepsut, a Pharaoh who ruled during the Eighteenth Dynasty, was, according to Dr. Joseph Holloway, one…

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  • Pyramids Of Giza Research Paper

    "Built during a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world" They are considered to be one of the most magnificent structures in the world. They were built as a burial place for pharaohs and there close family as well as government officials…

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