Electric current

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  • Comparing Thomas Edison And Piscine Patel's Life Of Pi

    seeing the animals he raised get killed in front of him. Edison, like Patel, knew that they had to reach their goal since it was the only option. He strived for success and would soon reach it, “By November 1879, he filed for a U.S. patent for an electric lamp using “a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected … to platina contact wires”. The filament was made from a piece of carbonized thread,” ("Thomas Edison," 2011). Edison had finally reached his goal after at least a thousand failed…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Alternating Future

    Tesla Biography.”) . The Alternating Current is the most recognizable of all his inventions, and is still widely used across the globe to this day. The Alternating Current can make electricity flow either direction, which is more useful than the Direct Current which flows in only 1 direction. This was one of his most important inventions, because of how much it changed the world, and how much energy it saved. It was much more efficient than the Direct Current, because of the ability to flow…

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  • Pennsylvania Jackfork Group Analysis

    as a classic flysch sequence in a submarine fan setting, dominated by turbidites. Shanmugam and Moiola (1995) reveal contrary evidence for the origin of these beds. They interpret the origin of these beds to be from debris-flow, slump, and bottom-current because slabbed samples from sedimentary features appear “massive” in outcrop, thin sections show variation in vertical grain size, individual units contained in the matrix, and the use of the term “turbidite” in relationship to process…

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  • Multi-Objective LPO Case Study

    Title: Multi-Objective LPO by Fuzzy Gravitational Search Algorithm in WWER1000 Authors: M. Aghaiea,*, S.M. Mahmoudib a Engineering Department, Shahid Beheshti University, G.C, P.O. Box: 1983963113, Tehran, Iran bFaculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran. Number of manuscript pages: Number of figures: Number of tables: * Corresponding author Email: M_Aghaie@sbu.ac.ir Fax: +98 21 29902546 Abstract The…

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  • Da Vinci Vs Thomas Edison

    Who was a better inventor LeoNardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? It has been long debated on who was a better inventor, Leonardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? Thomas Edison might have been a leading inventor in his time, because he created the light bulb but that was really his main achievement. Leonardo DA Vinci was better because he had more inventions, better known for his work, and he was specialized in many lines of inventing. Now you really need to think Thomas Edison was responsible for…

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  • Kekvlar Essay

    your current polymer owes the high quality to the many between chain bonds. these kind of between atomic hydrogen bonds structure between your carbonyl gatherings ALONG WITH NH centers -These collaborations impact Kevlar compared to ones van der Waals co-operations AS WELL AS chain length That ordinarily impact your current properties connected with different produced polymers IN ADDITION TO filaments including Dyneema…

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  • Japheth Enterprises

    Conclusions • Current ratio is within the industry’s healthy range but ideally should be over 2. There has been a sufficient decrease in current ratio in comparison to the previous year indicating your business may have problems meeting your short-term obligations. • Quick ratio is below the industry average and decreased from the previous year. The business does not have enough adequate current assets, without inventory, to cover short-term debt. • Inventory…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Definition Of Greatness

    joined the debate in which greatness still eludes a precise definition. Encyclopaedia Britannica lists Nikola Tesla as one of the ‘top ten most fascinating people in history’, a genius in his field of work; credited as the inventor of the Alternating current, the radio…

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  • Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Lab Report

    Experimental Analysis Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Twisted Tape Inserts Dissertation submitted In partial fulfilment of requirement For the award of degree of Master of Technology in Thermal Engineering by Sattenapalli Girish 13131D2105 Under the Guidance of Smt. V. Sireesha Assistant professor Department of Mechanical Engineering GAYATRI VIDYA PARISHAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (AUTONOMOUS) (Affiliated to J.N.T. University, Kakinada) VISHAKHAPATNAM - 53004 CERTIFICATE This is to…

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