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  • Persuasive Essay On When Riding A Hoverboard

    Riding a hoverboard is an exhilerating experience, but can be challenging at first. This futuristic device has reicieved controversy over the safety of the batteries. Although, with proper care and safety precautions, the danger of hoverboard riding is virtually gone. Hoverboarding is also an energy efficient way to get around, and the transportation device of the future. Hoverboard riding requires preparation, learning, and proper caretaking. Before getting on the hoverboard, one must…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Using Static Electricity

    In our time and age, many inventions depend on the use of static electricity such as printers, photocopiers , pollutant removers and even spray painting. Now imagine how our world would differ if we did not have the implementation of static electricity in inventions such as photo copiers or printers. These simple inventions solve big problems. What is static electricity? How do printers work? Why do we need Printers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of printers? These factors…

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  • Visual Rhetoric In The Rolex Advertisement

    During this presentation on the visual rhetoric used in the Rolex advertisement, there were numerous examples brought up. The most striking appeal of the advertisement was the bright image of the Rolex watch towards the bottom of the page. Set against a dull grey background, the watch stands out mostly due to its colors —silver and gold— which have a positive connotation. The color gold evokes thoughts of luxury, wealth and status. The ad makes the eyes travel downward, following the bolded…

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  • Welcome To The Future Analysis

    the next hundred years" by John Elfreth Watkins Jr., the way the authors portray the future it seems like our society is bound to laziness. One way that shows laziness is in our future is self driving cars. "Future cars will drive themselves. These electric cars will communicate with other cars on the road to travel safely in close formation at high speeds" (Hudson 22). This is laziness at its finest because we are so lazy that we're gonna need self driving cars to provide us with transportation…

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  • Car Battery Failure

    Have you thought about your car battery recently? It's important to do so every once in awhile. Battery failure is currently considered the leading cause of car breakdown in the United Kingdom. Your battery is absolutely vital to both starting your car, as well. The spark plugs cannot fire on without a charged one, even if the rest of the vehicle is completely fine. It could be worth far too much to neglect it. The most common type of failure is down to the battery simply running out of…

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  • My Guitar Experience

    When I was six years old I was first introduced to the concept of music. I sat down on the floor next to the warmth of the fireplace and listened to my stepdad strum the guitar. I was instantly entranced by what he was playing. Some blues melody that had me engrossed. Looking back the desire to play the guitar, had really just come from me looking up to my stepdad as a father figure, and perhaps wanting reciprocate what he was doing. Whatever the case, I asked if I could try. He handed me the…

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  • Essay On Bipolar Stepper Motor

    These have four wires on them (see Figure One-a). They are tricky to control because they require changing the direction of the current flow through the coils in the proper sequence. We will discuss these motors further when we get to the topic of DC motor control. * Unipolar motors, with two center-tapped coils which can be treated as four coils (see Figure One-b). These have six or eight (or sometimes five) wires, and can be controlled from a microprocessor with little more than four…

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  • Effects Of Electric Cars

    steam powered at the beginning to electric cars today. The benefits of electric cars is widely known, that is, no gas emission but the low speed got make them no too practical, thus the use are increasing at a very slow rate, besides the prices are still moderate high. Also there are hybrid cars which overcome the barrier because of low speed. This kind of car uses two different power sources to move the car which combine an internal combustion motor and electric motors. The hybrid technology…

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  • Acoustic Guitar History

    “I was alive in the forest, I was cut down by a cruel axe, in life I was silent, In death I sweetly sing" - Inscription on the face frets of an Elizabethan lute Fender, Yamaha, Gibson, and B.C. Rich; all of theses companies build guitars, what sets them apart however is how they construct them. Most of these companies pay someone in a warehouse to assemble prefabricated parts. Most people, however, would feel that the best guitar is made by hand, where every grain of wood is analyzed, to…

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  • The Importance Of Reamping

    equipment available to the non-billionaire crowd, one of the killer benefits of an amp cranked up loud enough to crack windows gets overlooked. I’m talking about that important interaction between the amplifier and the resonant wood in the body of an electric guitar. There is something very real about this amp-guitar synergy that adds flavor and sustain to the guitar sound. Since over-saturation begins to make a guitar sound small, try backing off on the drive and replace it with this resonance…

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