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  • Marketing Strategy: A Case Study Of TESA

    in TESLA related external environment is that they have the secure future. Because, the government is providing the special incentives to the environment healthy EVs vehicles. “Both the industry and government are betting that a quick takeoff in electric-car sales will drive down the battery prices. But a number of scientists and automotive engineers believe cost reductions will be hard to come by” (RAMSEY…

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  • Power Tools Case Study

    Bosch Power Tools offers consumers a full range of cable and cordless power tools. They offer a wide selection of power tools and accessories. In addition to the basic power tools, including saws, drills, cutters, grinders, hammers, wrenches are available, Bosch offers some particular instruments. They are for specific projects. The heat gun Bosch offers two different temperatures and speeds. You can get a heat gun Bosch in various sizes. There are also various accessories possible to fit your…

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  • Porsche Panamera Case Study

    Porsche Panamera- Indonesia Introduction Porsche Panamera is a luxury sedan car from the German manufacturer. This car shares its looks with the Carrera sports cars and looks like its revamped version. The internal assembly of this car is quite different to that of Carrera and it is meant for street drives and highway cruising. This car is visible on roads since 2009 and is been manufactured at the Home country and then exported world wide. The V-6 engine is fixed at the front end of the car…

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  • Electric Engine Lessen Pollution Essay

    Electric Engines That Lessen Pollution Introduction Electric engines to lessen pollution will be good to lessen pollution it will help our environment to be eco-friendly and less smoke on streets. I Paulo Juson will introduce about what I researched. I researched about electric engines to lessen pollution. This will help the environment to be eco-friendly, my research is for engines to be electric to not cause any smoke and destroy pollution. In my research I will explain how will this engine…

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  • Mahathir Dan Akhbar Case Study

    Introduction As the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is such an inspiring person. He is very dedicated and passionate in doing his responsibility as the Prime Minister from the year 1981 until 2003. When Mahathir’s residency as Prime Minister, Malaysia encountered a time of fast modernisation and monetary development, and his administration launched an arrangement of strong foundation ventures. Mahathir was a predominant political figure, winning five sequential…

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  • Capital Punishment In Stephen Nathanson's An Eye For An Eye

    In Stephen Nathanson’s book, An Eye for an Eye, he argues against capital punishment by discussing the problems of the most common argument for the death penalty: the Equal Punishment Principle. He also discusses the problems with sub-category theories of the Equal Punishment Principle: quality/proportional retributivism, and ends by offering the reader what abolishing the death penalty would grant to society. Nathanson believes the Equal Punishment Principle if fallible, because it is difficult…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Smartphones

    Technology has significantly advanced for the past few decades, with abundance of inventions created by brilliant minds have filled the current world. One such brilliant inventor that made his name known in the inventing world back in the 1870s was Scottish-born American inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the founding father of the device that could transmit speech electrically; the telephone (Gray, 2011). The telephone was notably fashioned from his attempts to improve an invention that was…

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  • Renault Duster Case Study

    In-depth Interviews Kamal Kumar Product Manager, Kotak Had Renault Duster in consideration set but did not buy Like everyone I was waiting for the Duster to come out. I seemed to be ahead of it trend. I was looking for a change from Corolla to something new. But when the prices came out I was put off to see the top end going in 13lakhs. In respect to exterior, it is quite acceptable. The wheel arches make it look wider, but it is not so from inside. The quality of door handle is really…

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  • Piezoelectricity History

    Piezoelectricity was discovered in1880 by Pierre and Jacques Curie, However the term piezoelectricity was coined by W.G. Henkel in 1881.G.Lippman discovered reverse process that is to say on application of electric field mechanical stresses could be developed in 1880 .Which was experimentally proven by curie brothers in 1881. Piezoelectric materials can be natural or synthetic. Natural occurring crystals include quartz, topaz, silk, wood etc. While as synthetic are quartz like, ceramic polymers…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gasoline Powered Vehicles

    national average of $0.12 per kilowatt hour for electricity.” electric cars are very good for the environment. there has been rumors that they pollute the air more than people think. they say because how they 're made pollute. And not to say one car is better but also the Module s is more efficient than any other motor company. Even more efficient than any Honda, Toyota or…

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