Electric current

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  • Maxwell's Characteristics: The Basic Laws Of Hydrodynamics

    momentum and energy.The magnetohydrodynamic phenomena are a consequence of the mutual interaction of the fluid flow and the magnetic field. As is well known, a conductor crossing magnetic field lines gives rise to an induced electric field, which causes an electric current in the conducting fluid. The following are the Maxwell,s equations ∇⋅D = ρcf ∇⋅B = 0 ∇×E = −∂B ∂t ∇×H = J f + ∂D ∂t…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Electricity

    electricity is and how it works. One should also understand that electricity is a type of energy. Electricity is simply the flow of electric charge. This may sound fairly straight forward, but there is a lot more to this simple statement. One might wonder: Where exactly is this charge coming from? What is obtaining this charge? How is the charge flowing and to where? How does an electric charge power a machine or make lights light up? The answer to all these questions begin with the basic…

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  • Investigating The Relationship Between Electricity And Alligator Flip Wires

    Background Information Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the build-up of charged particles, either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current (Oxford dictionary, 2015). The effect of electricity can be seen in play daily, whether through a simple light bulb, or a complex application such as providing energy to a power plant. It is often stated that electricity is the most versatile and easily controlled form of energy, and at the point of use it is…

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  • The Function Of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

    solid-state based LED point-light sources. Introduction-An OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a sort of LED (light-emitting diode), where the emissive electroluminescent level is a film of organic compound which releases light in response to an electric current. This layer of organic semiconductor material…

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  • Copper Wire And Resistivity Essay

    material resists current, and is measured in Ohm-meters (Ω-m). Electrical resistance (R) is the opposite of the flow of electrons, or the passage of an electrical current. Electrical conductivity (σ) is the opposite of resistivity and is measured in Siemens (S). Electrical conductivity is defined as; the degree to which a specified material conducts electricity, calculated as the ratio of the current density in the material to the electric field which causes the flow of current. In this…

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  • The Reflection Of Mechanical Power

    Mechanical power is defined as torque and RPM (rotation per minute) and electric power is defined as current and voltage. Therefore, in order convert mechanical power into electric power, torque shall be converted into current and rpm shall be changed into voltage. The relation between the rpm and voltage can be defined with equations with the use of Equations. When there is a decrease in value in equations there is an increase in efficiency of power generator. In here, there is no loss when…

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  • An Electric Circuit How Do They Work

    What is a circuit? How do they work? An electric circuit is a kind of path made up of wires that allows the flow of electrons. The circuit has to be made in a circular form, as the electrons must frequently move in a full loop, in which they will return to their original position and then complete the loop again. (“What is an electric circuit?”) The battery or another source of power provides the voltage, or ‘electrical push’, that makes the electrons move through the circuit. When the electrons…

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  • Lithium Ion Battery Case Study

    The Anode What is Anode? What is anode fabricated from in Li-ion battery? What material could be replacement of ion material however failed? What is design and structure of anode in Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What is the reaction/process that are undergoing in anode? What are the recent advancements in anode of Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What are the challenges that are still left in the field? 1) The anode is the negative electrode of a galvanic cell and is related to the oxidation…

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  • Electrochemical Cell Experiment

    In this experiment, various electrochemical cells were measured and calculated to determine their electrical cell potential. In the electrochemical cell Zn (s) │Zn2+ (0.10 M) ││ Cu2+ (0.10 M) │ Cu(s), E cell potential was determined to be 1.040 V while the standard E˚ cell potential was 1.10 V. In the electrochemical cell Zn (s) │Zn2+ (0.10 M) ││ Cu2+ (1.0 M) │ Cu(s) E cell potential was determined to be 1.060 V while the standard E˚ cell potential was 1.10 V. In the electrochemical cell Cu (s)…

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  • Comparative Analysis

    countries. Secondly, Eurocentric based countries have additional material. The next issue is the textbook covers superfluous mainstream countries, which makes the context missing other cultures. Furthermore, the text discuses more past regimes than current regimes. The Merriam-Webster defines…

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