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  • Persuasive Essay On Presidential Elections

    social media as a platform for the 2008 Presidential Election. He won his election by getting his message through to so many people because of social media. (Carr) After all, social media is a…

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  • The Election Of Andrew Jackson And Abraham Lincoln

    The United States stands on the precipice of what is shaping up to be a historic election. Small talk these days rarely occurs without the mention of the election, and it begs the question of what the true measure of a presidential campaign is, no two candidates like Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln gave the people their answer. This pair of men shook the foundation of American politics during their times. One, the glittering hero of the Battle of New Orleans who truly stood for the populist…

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  • The Role Of Social Media In The 2016 Election

    A Small Loan of One Million Dollars Hello my fellow Americans. I hope that the 2016 election year has brought joy and happiness to the citizens of the USA. Our candidates have done such a great job so far connecting to citizens through social media and the internet, but what are the lasting effects regarding social media? Social media affects the 2016 Presidential election due to Ignorance regarding internet sources, the political candidate’s similarities and differences making headlines, and…

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  • Hillbilly Elegy And The 2016 Presidential Election

    Hillbilly Elegy And how it is related to the 2016 Presidential Election In August 2016 and January 2017, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture Crisis reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller list. It is also listed in the 6 books to help understand Trump’s win. Journalists believe that the world of hillbillies that is described through Vance’s eyes analyze how Trump gets the support of the majority of the white middle and lower class. Indeed, Hillbilly Elegy indirectly…

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  • The Role Of Social Media In The 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns

    The 2016 Presidential Election Campaign in the United States was notably distinct, with a woman, a democratic socialist, and a billionaire businessman making waves within their parties. With that, social media played an important role in the transmission of information and candidates’ core messages. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump used social media to their advantage, though very differently. This essay argues that the importance of social media in order to transmit political messages is…

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  • 1948 Election Essay

    The Election of 1948 and the twenty years that followed were the years that saw the beginning of political polling on a wide scale, and how wrong it can be. Each election has its own unique characteristics, but the presidential elections of 1948 and 1960 will be looked at in detail, along with a general overview of the methods, usage of polling results, and the failure of the polls. Each election year mentioned had their own peculiarity in one or more of the general overview topics and will be…

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  • What Is Post-Election?

    Post-election it is discovered that the previous level of government spending is too high, and a period of austerity begins represented as a shift from 2 to 3 (Figure 1). A decrease in government spending occurs, shifting from SPRC1 to SPRC2 where inflation expectations are based upon previous, leading to a withdrawal of confidence in the market. When government spending drops, aggregate supply contracts (AS to AS’) leading to output returning to a lower level, meaning firms then stop investing…

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  • Super Pcs In Elections

    Super PACs in Elections In our modern world, money holds a massive amount of power. Money is a motivator. Our civilization is a slave to its power. Money has the power the encourage people to act against their morals and their own interest. Not only does money rule every aspect of our personal life but it has also sized control of our government. Our government was created as a democracy where the power is given to the people but since then money has removed power from the people and has given…

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  • Essay On The Election Of 1860

    However, slavery is becoming a major issue that is starting to divide the nation. Much of the north is against slavery completely, whereas much of the south is a strong supporter of slavery. During the early 1800’s, there were many presidential elections with all the candidates looking the fill the rolls of George Washington and John Adams that had come before. All of the candidates looked to leave a positive, lasting impact on the growth and development of the United States. There were multiple…

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  • Greatest Election Upset

    The Greatest Election Upset in American History The 1948 election is considered the greatest upset in American history. Why you may ask? The reason is that everyone thought that Republican Thomas E. Dewey would defeat Democratic Harry S. Truman and they would finally receive a Republican in office after a long period of time. The election had six candidates but only four were important which included Harry S. Truman, Thomas E. Dewey, J.Strom Thurmond, and Henry Wallace. The parties that were…

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