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  • Bernie Sanders Should Be Allowed To Vote In Elections

    For many years, college aged students (18-24) have been known to not exercise their right to vote in elections. There has been many different speculations as to why this happens, but there have never been one specific reason that can explain this concept. This year 's presidential election had a potential candidate that seemed to appeal to college students the most and had some of the highest voter turnout for the Democratic primaries. This candidate was Bernie Sanders, since having been taken…

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  • Social Media's Influence On Presidential Elections

    Social media is not only influencing the personal lives of millions of people, but the presidential election and politics as well. In 2017, across all social media platforms, there were 2.51 billion users in the world (Statista). It is projected that that number will rise to nearly 3 billion users by 2020 alone (Statista). In America, over 80% of the population uses the internet for many various reasons (Pewinternet social-media-update). Since the number of people in America using the internet…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Non-Partisan Elections

    Courts. This system allows justices and judges to stand unopposed for a retention vote in the general election. An approval vote starts a new ten-year term for the incumbent judge or justice. A rejection makes the office vacant for appointment. Judges in the lower levels are still chosen by election. With a few exceptions, most candidates for the trial courts compete in partisan primary elections. The trial courts are made up of the circuit, superior, and probate courts. There are 317 judges…

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  • Gender Inequality In Presidential Elections

    Presidential elections have always been a controversial issue among the people of the United States, particularly in the world of politics; but the question is why is this topic so remarkably controversial? Choosing our president has always been a delicate decision in a like matter: will our leader be able to withstand an economical crisis, an attack on American soil, or a bill that pleases the majority of the 3 million or more civilians? The 2016 election has become more argumentative as each…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Internet In Elections

    Kennedy-Nixon debate of 1960 was a glimpse of what was in store for the future of elections when it comes to technology. That was the first television debate, and Kennedy used the new technology to his advantage and took the election from that point on (Webley). Since the television, presidential hopefuls have embraced new technological advances so they can try to win the election, starting with Bush v. Gore in the 2000 election, since this was the first time that candidates had their own…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Presidential Elections

    The presidential elections are right around the corner and the the White House is up for grabs. Whether your views are republican, democratic, or independent, there tough result that will affect all Americans today. Ancient civilizations had their individual standpoints on the ideal leader. Touching on this ideal leader from an ancient perspective will probably narrow the basic characteristic our candidates today are showcasing. Ancient Summer was built around temples. Their first cities…

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  • How To Win Presidential Elections

    president. They have to go through many steps before getting to the big day, the Election Day, which takes place on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. The first step during an election years are, Primaries and Caucuses. During the process nominees from each political party get selected, which after are officially announce at the party’s national convention. Therefore, candidates could start their election campaigns and focus on winning the swing states as they aim to win the 270…

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  • Political Parties In Presidential Elections

    This means the Presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016. Elections for all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are held after every two years and the senators serve six years terms. A person can be a president for only two terms. The House of Representatives and senators have almost the same powers but their elections are very different. The United States has two major parties that is the Republican and the Democrats…

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  • The Electoral Process In The United States Election Process

    The United States election process is one of great importance and significance to the American government. Yet voting can be one of most confusing topics to its citizens. How does an election work? How does your vote make a difference in our county? What is the Electoral College and what is its purpose? These questions have been asked and thought of by many Americans for generations. As with everything in government, the process is much more complex than it seems. On the surface, electing a…

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  • The Presidential Election Process

    The election process for President in the United States is an indirect process wherein citizens cast their votes to a group of members of the United States Electoral College. The elected members cast their votes directly for the Vice President and President of the United States. The Presidential election method had been established according to Article Two of U.S. Constitution. It was a result of the negotiation between those who favored national popular vote and the constitutional farmers who…

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