Egyptian Islamic Jihad

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  • Islam: The Four Common Types Of Jihad

    Jihad is a very fluid term within Islam. The term can be interpreted in many ways. The word “Jihad” is Arabic in origin and means “exerting the best efforts” or overcoming a “struggle” in order to reach a common goal. Jihad does not necessarily imply violence and does not mean “holy war” but has been interpreted as doing so. Islam is meant to be a religion of peace and respect for all life. There is a constant argue as to what Jihad really means and it is a widely misunderstood term with many…

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  • The Cause Of Suicide Terrorism

    suicide attack as a form of 'Jihad'. Jihad is an act of Islamic worship and is derived from the Arabic verb, Jihadi, which means “effort and striving” (Post et al. 2009, 16). There are many forms of Jihad, all of which are defined by a set of rules; Jihad is frequently interpreted as a self-defense: defense against temptation, defense against Satan, defense against the unjust. There are four important Jihads in Islam and the one that’s associated with ‘holy war’ is the Jihad of the sword, which…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis On The Doha Debate

    The house of a debate on The Doha Debate show believed that “The War on Terror has become a War on Islam.” Anas ALtikriti and Dr. Mustafa were with the motion; Faisal Abdul Rauf and Ramzi Khouri were against the motion. What compelled me to write this analysis is Anas Altikriti, founder of Muslim Association of Britain, and his usage of rhetoric to drive his appeal to ethos and pathos. Anas started with a nice introduction that restated what the house believes and how complex the issue is.…

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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalism

    Peter Morey, 2011, argues that there has been a basic shift in attitudes surrounding cultural difference in the post 9/11, “Age of Terror”. Morey argues The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a hoax narrative that destabilizes the cultural certainties that emerged in trauma narratives in literature following 9/11. “Culture talk” is a theory that essentially boils a culture down to one “essence” that is used to define the entire culture. Morey suggests that The Reluctant Fundamentalist forces readers to…

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  • The Wretched Of The Earth Analysis

    Recent struggles and tensions in the Middle East have led many politicians and citizens to label all groups that stand in opposition to Western values as “terrorists” without considering the varying political and physical contexts that influence their actions. Instead of viewing the acts of violence that these groups participate in as products of their contextual situations or as a form of resistant response to their struggles, many politicians and citizens choose to judge these acts of violence…

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  • The Importance Of Prejudice Against Muslims In Europe

    Europe supported crusades attacks against Muslims in the past, and the concept of jihad appeared in the side of Muslims against non-Muslims. Of course, some of Muslims interpreted on jihad very aggressively that they aimed to kill non-Muslims, but most of Muslims did not have any aim like that. Today, Islamic terrorism has the concept of jihad against non-Muslims. Because of this, the Europeans have been afraid of jihad and its outcomes.…

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  • Tupac Research Paper

    Desta Walters Mrs. Ranney/Mrs. Salsbury English 2 20 March 2018 The Notorious Life of Tupac Shakur Ever been inspired by a legend or known a person that’s legendary? Well that’s Tupac Shakur. Tupac is a brilliant and intellectual lyricist. He was and still is a rapper who made history and still is. With his lifestyle and growing up the way he did and the people brought around him made him a soulful, humbled, dedicated and emotional thug and gangster. His words and lyrics gave many people…

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  • Ted Kaczynski's Domestic Terrorism

    States, out of those sixty there has been forty plots planned and executed by homegrown terrorist. The correlation of September 11th and U.S domestic terrorism is the fact that many of our home grown terrorists are motivated by the Global Salafi Jihad, which is a religious ideology that believes that in a violent Sunni revivalist adaptation of Salafi Islam by the creation of a Muslim state that is governed by Sharia, so that Islam will be the dominant religion around the world (Wright,…

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  • Martha Crenshaw The Causes Of Terrorism Analysis

    Martha Crenshaw’s 1981 article “The Causes of Terrorism” outlines an analysis on the causes of terrorism by examining the preconditions, precipitants, reasons, the psychological aspects of the individual. Crenshaw attempts to show the reader the causes of terrorism in this article. She begins by providing a definition of terrorists. She defines terrorism as the premeditated use or threat of violence committed by a group of people in order to convey a political message. She then divides her…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Islamic Terrorism

    carefully planned and carefully executed. ISIS is the largest and most powerful terrorist the U.S. has ever dealt with. In recent discussions of Islamic Terrorism, a controversial issue has been whether The U.S. shouldn’t intervene with ISIS and other forms of Islamic terrorism. On the one hand, some argue that the U.S. should intervene and stop Islamic Extremism from this perspective, ISIS’s primary target is the U.S. homeland and critics…

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