Egyptian Islamic Jihad

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  • Cyber Terrorism Research Paper

    Jacob Klingbeil Mrs. Foust Honors English 12 12/5/2017 Motives and Methods of Terrorism In the past decade, terrorism has increasingly become more of a problem. With advances in technology, terrorists have found new ways to strike fear. Identifying and preventing attacks has become much harder because of these advancements. Along with the many methods of attack, there are several different motives for attack. There may not be an easy solution to the issue of terrorism, since there are many…

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  • Global Jihadism Persuasive Speech

    present day extremism. First, Bernie needs to have a full knowledge about the enemy, Global Jihadists. What exactly does it mean to be a jihadists? In Arabic, jihad means a struggle against the self, passions, instincts and temptations that oppress the soul. However, when this religious doctrine is paired with social justice, the idea of jihad becomes global and expands to the struggle against the internal and external enemies of Islam, even against unbelief. Global jihadism is less of a…

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  • The Relationship Between Islam And Violence

    growth of terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, who have Muslims as their group members, baffle the non-Islamic people regarding the true nature of Islam. Most analysts argue that the terrorist threat is unquestionably Islamic and is not much a deviation from Muslim tradition, whereas others defend that Islamic terrorism diverges from the true teachings. So where does the truth lie? To understand the connection between…

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  • The Anthrax Plot

    Biological Warfare: The Anthrax Plot Besides terrorism, biological warfare is a serious threat to America. Biological agents used as weapons significantly affect a nation’s economy, social and political standing. Anthrax is one of the most common biological agents used as a weapon by terrorist groups and on the American population. In this paper, I summarize the article “Organizational Versus Individual Attribution: A Case Study of Jemaah Islamiyah and the Anthrax Plot”. Additionally, I…

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  • Terrorism Psychology

    There are many factors that come in to play when trying to establish the psychological and behavioral factors to terrorism. To summarize a few of these factors within al Qaeda's leadership and affiliate groups are the feelings of victimization or alienation. They believe that acts of moral violations by any of their adversaries will constitute the violence they shed in search of a higher ethical order. "Another foundational component is the idea that the terrorist’s ethnic, religious, or…

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  • Bruce Hoffman Inside Terrorism Analysis

    group (4) or organization, (5) that has widespread ramifications and consequences (Hoffman, 2-3). Although there are a host of potential causes of Islamic terrorism, only one can adequately explain its dissension with the United States: the perpetual class struggle that goes on between the United States and the Middle East. Possible causes of Islamic terrorism include religious beliefs, ideological beliefs, oppressive political regime, etc. The goal of…

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  • Islamic Terrorism: The Start Of Terrorism

    ISLAMIC TERRORISM Terrorism, “The unlawful use of – or threatened use of – force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political religious, or ideological objectives.” – U.S. Department of defense publication. Islamic terrorism has been an issue for years now. They have attacked more than 21 countries, causing more and more terror and becoming more powerful. They are willing to die since they don’t believe as other…

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  • Mansur Sahib Speech Analysis

    your selection was not for name or display, rather you were handed over the responsivity of training and watching of those people. Therefore, officials should strongly keep in mind that junior mujahedin should be monitored. Teach them the ethics of jihad and of dealing with people. They should be praised for doing good and reprimanded for doing something improper. The mujahedin Taliban should seriously keep in mind these few words and important guidance mentioned in Mansur sahib speech. Pay…

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  • Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam Essay

    HISTORY OF THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were an intentional terrorist group well known in the northern/eastern Sri Lanka. LTTE was founded in 1976 and became the most effective, dangerous, brutal, organized and deadliest extremist terrorist groups in the world. They were a revolutionary association that wanted to establish an independent Tamil State to protect their human rights. Moreover, they are known for carrying out a high number of…

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  • Holy War Vs Jihad

    The difference between Holy war and Jihad is little known to the common community. The truth is revealed when you really try to compare the two. With a little open mindedness, you will be able to see that there 's a lot more difference then you would have originally assumed. To the unaware, Jihad may mean “holy war” but this is far from the truth. In all reality, the translation is literally means “struggle” or “striving” in Arabic. It can refer to the inner struggle for a Muslim or believer…

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