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  • Social Injustice In The Old Testament

    In the Old Testament, the prophets had a lot to say about idolatry, social injustice and religious ritualism. In this paper we will look at what the prophets had to say about each topic. We will also look at how we should use the teaching of the prophets on these subjects in our lives today. Idolatry is according to Webster Dictionary the worship of idols or excessive devotion to, or reverence for some person or thing. In other terms it is the worship of anything other than the one true God. God…

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  • Reb Saunders Character Analysis

    In the minds of an average teenager their parents are too strict, forcing them to do chores, finish their homework, and are all around fun-suckers. Compared to an average parent, the character from the book The Chosen, Reb Isaac Saunders would compare to a prison warden. Principles of Hasidism (An Ultra-Orthodox sub-group of Judaism) governing his every waking moment, Reb Saunders serves as a man of devout following. Not only a follower but, a leader, referred to as a Tsaddik or “Righteous One”…

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  • Who Is Paul Persecuted

    Paul, who was once called Saul, was an enemy of Christ disciples. Before he came to Christ, he persecuted the brethren in the early days of Christianity and sentenced many to death. He was also involved with the death of Stephen. Paul took permission after the death of Stephen to visit Damascus and persecute the Christians, which were located in those regions. While he was on his way to Damascus, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ, which changed his life and he then became a Christian (Acts…

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  • Megiddo: Layers Of The Past

    Megiddo is not only important as a geographical site for its historicity, but also allows one to reflect theological importance peeling back the layers of the past. Megiddo, rather than being a simple site is a multi-layered treasure. Many times this dig has had beginnings and ends. Men such as Shumacher, Rockafeller, Yadin and Adam’s have worked to uncover revealing evidence regarding people of the past. Biblically, this city of old is mentioned twelve times within the Old Testament and once…

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  • Summary Of Job In The Bible

    The Hebrew Bible considers Job in one of the poetic books in the Old Testament. The story of Job is about a wealthy man with a large family and farmland. He is blameless and selfless as he looks to God in everything he does. One day Satan comes before God and makes a bet with him that if he brings enough suffering to Job that Job will turn his back to God. Following the agreeance of this bet, satan takes everything from Job. He kills his children, his livestock, and his servants. He also gives…

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  • Greek Influence On Ancient Egypt

    Egypt now known as the Arab Republic of Egypt is bordered by Israel, the Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea, Sudan and Libya. Since 1000BC Egypt became a dominate nation with one of the longest recorded histories of any modern country. As part of the cradle of civilization ancient Egypt developed some of the earliest forms of literature, agriculture, organized religion, urban development and style of government. Egypt 's cultural heritage became an important part of its national identity. With its…

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  • Thomas Tweed Space Analysis

    Space seems to be a simple concept, but many people having varying ideas of what the term actually means. In the article “Space”, Thomas Tweed tackles the true definition of religious space. Tweed rejects the idea that space is “a preexisting static container isolated from other spaces” or “a void to be filled” (118). Instead, Tweed describes sacred spaces as differentiated, kinetic, and interrelated. Jerusalem holds deep significance to three of biggest religions in the world. The city is home…

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