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  • Florence Nightingale's Medical System: A Case Study

    Introduction: Andrew Manson, Florence Nightingale, and Hospital Reform, Nightingale’s Citadel “But oh! Wouldn’t it be wonderful, dear, if we could form a little front-line unit, scientifically and-- yes, let me say it-- spiritually intact, a kind of pioneer force to try to break down prejudice, knock out the old fetishes, maybe start a complete revolution in our whole medical system” (Cronin 323). The aforementioned quote, as stated by Doctor Andrew Manson, protagonist of a novel entitled The…

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  • Castor Collins Case Study

    The final decision for E-editors was to not provide them with insurance because of the health issues their employees already have and will be utilized due to this. The risks in providing E-editors is high and the earnings made from the group would be high, but wouldn’t be able to cover the risks of the services that were excluded or included. If this group would…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas: Arthur Ashe

    1. The ethical dilemma at the forefront here is the fact that an USA Today editor has decided that it would not be true journalism on their part if they were to withhold information from being released. Time for a statement was being requested by Arthur Ashe, but was denied due to the prior reason. 2. While it is necessary to focus merely on the dilemma at hand, the context in this case becomes just as important. Surrounding this case, facts that have an effect on the total outcome of these…

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  • Non-Canonical Literature

    by only using canonical Bible. Dr. Blackwell, Dr. Goodrich, and Dr. Maston, on the other hand, provided non-canonical literature to provide context. Through providing multiple articles that include insights regarding non-canonical literature, the editors of the book are able to present Romans to the audience in light of a fuller context since the audience would now have an understanding…

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  • Donald Trump Plan Analysis

    is the main purpose or key question of the article?” “The Trump Plan” is an article written by the editors at the National Review. The article evaluates Donald Trump’s views on immigration. While the writers are relaying his views to the reader in a seemingly civil way, they do take subtle shots at Donald Trump. Someone who they referred to within the text as “The Donald” (THE EDITORS 2015, p. 14). The Purpose of this article is to inform the reader of the infamous Donald Trump’s…

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  • Digital Ventriloquism

    For instance, in the video “Brian Williams Raps ‘Rapper's Delight’”, the editor cuts individual words or phrases that Brian Williams speaks during different episodes of the NBC Nightly News and recombines them in the order of the lyric of The Sugar Hill Gang's classic "Rapper's Delight". The video also uses the original image…

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  • Case Study: Castor Collins Insurance Company

    I am in charge of choosing an insurance plan for a group of workers, construcit consist of 1,000 people. While the second group E-editors have 1,600 neither groups has employer insurance, which means individuals of both groups would have to pay for their own insurance. The people at Construcit are willing to pay $4,000 per person for premium and the people at E-editors are also willing to pay $4,500 per person for their premium. There are two plans that are suitable for these groups, castor…

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  • How Is Florence Nightingale's Changing Medical History

    as a vocation for women into a respectful and honorable job; she decreased the death rate in the Crimean War by two thirds and altered hospital protocols, including hygiene and cleanliness, thus changing medical history in ways we still use today (Editors). Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Despite her Mothers social standing, Florence herself was reportedly awkward in social situations. Naturally Rebellious Florence often disagreed with her mother, who she…

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  • William Dean Howells

    that secures the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” -William D. Howells. Those were just a few of the many wise words that author William D. Howells had said. William Dean Howells was the most influential 19th-20th century novelist, author, editor, literary critic, and playwright. He was an American realist, and was nicknamed, “The Dean of American Letters". Howells is well known for authoring stories, such as "Christmas Every Day", and novels like The Rise of Silas Lapham and A…

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  • John Wilkes Booth Hero

    die for the cause. So he was defiantly a criminal. (Civil War Times) Lincoln’s killer was born in Maryland in 1839 (Biography.com Editors). Mary Ann Holmes and Junius Brutus Booth where his parents (Booth, John Wilkes). Booth had ten siblings (Biography.com Editors) and was the second youngest (Alford). Booths father was an actor like Booth (Biography.com Editors). Many believed he was the greatest Shakespearian actor of the time (Hamner). However Booths father was a known…

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