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  • Narrative Techniques In The Film 'Black Hawk Down'

    People used to breathe fast when they are afraid from something, and when they are tired or when they feel cold. So the editor deliberately focused on the breathing parts to show us how tired and afraid the soldiers they were. Moreover the sound effects presented when the soliders were walking. The editor wants to show us how strong they are, so he made the sound higher in every step. He wanted to show us the floor shaking in every time they walk, because they…

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  • Personal Essay: Why Trust Wikipedia Inaccurate?

    has unpaid yet passionate editors that will decline entries or edits that they feel the need to, but, even with these editors, Wikipedia has slipped up. Wikipedia has had hoaxes, bad written entries, etc. Wikipedia is free and they do the best they can of it. The bad parts of Wikipedia overrule the good parts.…

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  • Dorothea Dix Witnessed In Prison

    and inhumane, but it’s a well-paying job. You don’t speak out because you’re worried about your family and three kids at home who need to be fed. Stories like these occurred in prisons and mental institutions all around the world. The History.com editors, writers for a world renown history website, describe the awful conditions Dorothea Dix witnessed in prisons and mental institutions: “... flogged, starved, chained, physically and sexually abused by their keepers, and left naked and without…

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  • How Did George Balanchine Contribute To Dance

    remembered as a stunning dancer and teacher. According to the Biography.com Editors, at the age of 10, Balanchine decided to dance at the Mariinsky Theatre’s ballet school in St. Petersburg, Russia; he was there from 1914 to 1921 (Biography.com Editors). After graduating from the Mariinsky Theatre, he joined the Petrograd State Conservatory of Music at the age of 17 and performed there for three years (Biography.com Editors). At the age of 21, Balanchine was given an offer to join the Germany…

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  • Charlie Heb Case Study Summary

    should consider who the stakeholders are and what the rules or roles of them are. In this case, the stakeholders are cartoonist and editor on one side, and the refugees on the other side. The cartoon did not make an ethical balance between the freedoms of speech, which are the role of cartoonist and editor, and the dignity of the refugees. The cartoonist and the editor have a right to express their opinions. However, the society of refugees could feel alienation and humiliation from the cartoon.…

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  • Saint Augustine's Life: St. Augustine Of Hippo

    St. Augustine of Hippo was a “bishop of Hippo Regius in Northern Africa” (Editors). He was “one of the greatest theologians” (Pennock, 16). “He is the patron saint of brewers, printers, and theologians” (“Augustine of Hippo”). “He was born at Tagaste in 354 to Patricius, a pagan and St. Monica, a Christian” (Editors). “At 11, he went to school to get education about Latin literature, pagan beliefs, and practices” (Editors). “His mother raised him as a Christian, but he was influenced to go into…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Rio Olympics

    Is Rio, a suitable host for the Olympics, has been the subject of much debate in the media recently. It is in response to this discussion that Chris Berg has written his article "Rio's financial crisis reveals the moral bankruptcy of the Olympics" and Mark Knight has also drawn a cartoon. In his article, published in The ABC News on 21 June 2016, Berg contends in a frustrated and critical tone that it is the epitome of government waste. Berg's intended audience seem to be comprised of the people…

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  • Ho Chi Minh Speech Analysis

    According to the editors, this article was written by Ho Chi Minh to declare independence from France and Japan. Uniting Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh’s goal since he started the revolution. The editors believed that Ho Chi Minh’s speech helped unite Vietnam. In this article the editors used an introduction paragraph to summarize the steps leading up to Ho Chi Minh’s speech. The rest of the article was structured with the actual text that Ho Chi Minh used in his speech. The editors explained that Ho…

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  • Music In Film

    Our brains use the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how to make sense of the world. How do a writer, director, and editor utilize these questions in creating a film? The writer decides the characters and how they will react in different situations and their personalities. They also decide the setting of the movie and why a particular scene should be shot there. He also coordinates with the director and producer to accomplish the “what” in a given shot. A film director is responsible…

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  • How Did Louis Armstrong Affect Society

    Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Editors, n.d, sect. synopsis). Armstrong was raised by a single mother living in poverty. As a reckless young man, Armstrong got in trouble with the police from firing a gun. Shortly after, Louis was put into the Colored Waif 's Home for Boys at age 12 which later placed him in Band .A man by the name of King Joe Oliver helped mentor Louis by teaching him how to read and play music .A Jewish family also gave Louis a job…

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