Economy of Japan

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  • Cool Japan Fund Case Study

    “Cool Japan” fund, is it completely useless or just poorly managed? The “burst” of the bubble economy in Japan at the beginning of 1990s crushed Japanese self confidence. Long recession, harsh Korean competition in steel, auto and electronics industries, with US also having the strongest leadership in “IT revolution” and rapid economic growth in China enhanced the depressive mood of “the Lost Decade”. However rumors of popularity of Japanese cultural products overseas, such as electronics for…

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  • Japanese Cultural Dating

    an article for Japan Powered Dating and Marriage in Japan, Japanese culture has a long approach to dating which is often referred to as slow in Western cultures, because of the lack of intimacy the Japanese display. Such actions of public display include hand holding and kissing. These kind of…

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  • Primorsky Krai Essay

    the leading positions in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. The dynamics of the GRP point to the positive development for the last 5 years, with the slowdown of the economy in 2012 due to the cumulative effect of the economic crisis, which is common for major part of the Russian regions in 2012 – 2013 years. The economy of the region is diversified and consists of 15 sectors, with transportation, construction, and trade sectors as min contributors to the GRP. The GRP dynamic presented…

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  • Poverty And Inequality Research Paper

    There are numerous definitions pertaining to globalization; Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines globalization as “the act or process of globalizing: the state of being globalized; especially: the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets.”(Merriam Webster) .The Oxford dictionary defines it as, “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international…

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  • Jared Diamond's Theory Summary

    some have found loopholes such as Australia and Japan. Both have defied the areas need to succeed such as domesticable plants and animals, population size, cultural diffusion, climate, and natural resources. Australia is a highly developed area, and is continuing to grow yet came from a time where there were no cities on it at all with no real plants or animals. Somehow this country found its path and stuck with it to become what it is today. Japan started out with few cities, no natural…

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  • Three Aspects Of Sustainable Development

    In the fast developing world, there is no room for doubt that rapid economic development is one of the most successful achievements in human history,both in developing countries and developed countries. Countless people are sharing the improvement of living standard in many aspects. However, with the threat posed by the increasing environmental problems and resource shortage problems, considerable amount of public attention is being attracted to the achievement of sustainable development.…

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  • The Endogenous Growth Theory And Technological Growth Model

    growth rate, and rate of technological progress. Economies that are advanced in technology, the advancement of knowledge is a very key determinant of growth, however, economies that are less developed, theoretical and empirical postulations observe that they focus less on advancing knowledge and invention of new technology. Economies that are more advanced in technology have knowledge as their key determinant of growth, however, in less developed economies, theoretical and empirical…

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  • Marketing Case Study: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

    The joy of creating is an overall love for what it is that is being created and done, and to believe in it as well. Some of the strategies Honda is using that have since worked and keep working include keeping their manufacturing facilities local to Japan instead of becoming globally, in case of any rising problems that may occur. Honda has also maintained to keep automation and robots to a minimum. Honda believes that inclusion of robots and decreased manual labor can discourage employees from…

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  • History Of Ainu As Indigenous People Of Japan

    Japanese public were not known about the traditions of Ainu and their culture. Ainu was the symbols of ignorant by the government of Japan for many years. The policies and behavior of government made Ainu as invisible status. The major issue in the twenty first century is the protection of rights of indigenous people over the entire world. United Nations also draw attention for the protection, education, clothing, advancement and other sources for the indigenous people. The word Ainu is compared…

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  • Prosperity Without Growth Summary

    also addresses the Solow residual, means when economic growth is relying on new ideas and technologies. Another key feature of the Solow model is catch-up growth when poor countries growing at a faster rate as rich countries like China, Germany and Japan because the marginal rate of the return on Capital investment of these poor countries is very high. The Solow model has well explained the economic growth of the developing countries of last 10-20 years. But Solow model is not really useful when…

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