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  • Half Breed Drive: A Narrative Analysis

    A dirt road called Half Breed Drive stretches out of Auburn, Nebraska for just a few miles, through endless cornfields, past a single mailbox. But its history runs deep, with an origin story stretching back 185 years, long before Nebraska was a state, or even a territory. This road traces the top of the western boundary of the Half-Breed Tract, a failed reservation for people rooted in two cultures but welcome in neither. The story that follows only amounts to pieces that I’ve stitched together…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Planetary Switch

    The Qualities of the Planetary Switch Just how “green” is going green? It turns out, renewable energy might not be as great as you think. According to, (At Issue: Renewable Energy) renewable energy is something our world needs at present time. Fossil Fuels will eventually run out and there needs to be a backup plan for an alternative energy source. Renewable energy is possible to achieve, but it is going to cost a lot of money. The big question is; is renewable energy worth the major cost? This…

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  • Jeff Sessions Biography

    Biography of Jeff Sessions Jeff Sessions grew up in Hybart, Alabama where his parents owned a country store (“Sessions, Jefferson Beauregard III”). He was very driven even at a young age; he was an Eagle Scout and even won the Distinguished Eagle Scout award. His parents raised him to value honesty and hard work, believe in God, and respect his parents (“Biography of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama”). These values guided him through school and helped him define himself later in life when…

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  • Nicholas Trauma Case Paper

    As we have previously advised, our client, Nicholas Nehls, sustained severe and permanent injuries as a result of the acts and/or omissions on the part of your insureds, Gerald J. Piazzi, Jr., and Zachary Lommatzsch, in the above-referenced incident. Prior to this occurrence, Nicholas was an active young man that participated in numerous physical activities and was employed in a physically demanding occupation. Due to the multiple severe and permanent injuries that he sustained as a result of…

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  • Verona Park: Biome Analysis

    Verona Park has always been an interesting wilderness park to explore in the Essex County area. Although there are other parks such as Brookdale Park, Branch Brook Park, South Mountain Reservation, and Eagle Rock Reservation, I do not find them as interesting as Verona Park. During the winter, there are no activities for the families to do, besides walk around the park. But during the warmer weather months, they offer various types of activities, such as paddle boating, tennis courts, a…

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  • Eric Williams Case Study

    he Incident Former Kaufman County attorney and Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of: District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife Cynthia, and top prosecutor Mark Hasse. Eric, along with his estranged wife Kim Williams,planned the murders together, even going so far as to renting a storage unit and stocking it with weapons. He sent an anonymous e-mail to authorities from his own computer after the McLellands were found dead in their home. Their…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At High Point High School

    My high school experience at High Point High School began as frustrating then it became positive. Being academically independent, since elementary school, I did not feel that high school was going to be a major difference, but I did not take into consideration of a new ambiance with new challenges. One thing that remained the same was the fact that I was always reserved and I stayed to myself. I thought that in high school I was going to be able to leave my shell and be more outgoing. I was…

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  • Dichlorodiphenylrichloroethane Case Study

    to file lawsuits against the Olin Corporation. The water near Triana, Alabama was continuously monitored during this time, and the amount of DDT in the water was reduced by 97%. However, mistrust of the chemical use remains. As a native of Madison County, living only 5 miles outside of Triana, Alabama, I can attest that environmental racism is a fear of Triana residents since DDT. Environmental racism refers to the placement of potentially hazardous, toxic wastes in proximity to low-income…

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  • Blue Grass Airport Case Study

    Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago-O’Hare (Blue Grass Airport, n.d.). Management Staff and Organization Blue Grass Airport is owned and operated by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Airport Board, a 10-member board of directors appointed by the mayor of Lexington and confirmed by the Urban County Council. The Airport Board meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of every month (Administration, n.d.). The management staff is organized by job specialization: Executive Director,…

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  • Tom Fazio Research Paper

    Why Tom Fazio is a Big Deal at Amelia National If you’re on the hunt for an exemplary Florida golfing home, narrow your focus on the northeastern corner of the state. Lovely Nassau County is Florida’s Atlantic Coast gateway. It’s also the home of Amelia National Golf and Country Club, an exclusive, gated community only 10 minutes from salty, golden beaches. Even better? Amelia National’s 18-hole golf course was designed by one of the titans of course architecture — Tom Fazio. If you’re a…

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