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  • Case Study: Bike And Bite

    The research is conducted with a quantitative design and is measured through an online survey. The questionnaire was carried out by Qualtrics, an online survey program and distributed via email to former participants of Bike & Bite. This mailing list is based on the customers file of Bike & Bite and send by the company itself, to increase the response rate. We expected that support of the company for this research could increase the willingness for former participants to respond on the…

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  • Ovarian Cancer Case Study

    E-mail one of the most cheap advertising way in the world would the only problem to keep the E-mail keep spread is on E-mail address and as many E-mail address can pervade , more people would get involved into awareness of ovarian cancer. Besides that there may be a few people would offer some donation which would directly to the NOCC and with those money. Occasionally this may not get enough attention on ovarian cancer but this may help to find the most loyalty partners. After E-mail spread…

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  • Transparence Of Internet

    The technology takes over in the world. More invention coming, more human wants to create. The technology never been my things. I never be involving in it, even in this days the technology become necessary. However, I use internet just for necessary, as my school homework, at a work, check my email, talk to someone, for fun also. Contrary, the people my age love technology. They want to know everything in the technology. The circle is internet company have power in the world. The internet is use…

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  • Decriminalization Of Technology

    THE DISTRACTION OF TECHNOLOGY Students today spend most of their time using technology without realizing the effect of the issue. Technology is like a drug its addicting students use technology during school and afterschool. Some students use their phones to search up ideas or answers for their homework or other students would rather go on social media. Technology is effecting students grades and their education and there is many…

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  • Cognate Strategies: Business Analysis

    Today’s article will discuss 5 out of the 9 known cognate writing strategies. Cognate strategies is a way of refining and presenting ideas in a logical, ethical, and emotionally appealing way. Those elements are known as “Logos (logic), ethos (ethical), and pathos (emotional appeal)” (2016, ENGLTextbook). The 5 cognate strategies we will review today are conciseness, arrangement, credibility, expectation and tone. In corporate environments conciseness is used in writing often to inform the…

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  • Email Personalization

    Examining the Techniques and Benefits of Email Personalization Businesses can benefits from email personalization in multitudinous ways. Despite all of the advancements in technology, and the expansion of social media marketing, email still reigns supreme in the direct marketing category. While businesses and marketers still use email as a powerful marketing and branding tool, the manner in which email marketing is engaged has definitely changed. One powerful tool that is a significant part of…

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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    The digital revolution, which started in the 1950s, has introduced us as to the cyber world. Thanks to the Internet and wireless technologies, the information-sharing has revolutionized the world, made significant enhancements in science, engineering, and medicine; created a large number of billionaires and has a tremendous impact on our daily life. It also rendered the physical boundaries between the countries less significant because most of the mankind is now very well-connected and interacts…

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  • Click Farms: Article Analysis

    Social media’s population is expanding, with people creating new social media accounts daily. This causes career opportunities to arise, a successful career being producing click farms. The article “How Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media” written by Doug Bock Clark, in the May 2015 edition of The New Republic, explains the status of click farms. Click Farms are online establishments that allow customers buy social media influence to boost their standing. Kim Capisong is an employee for an…

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  • Social Engineering Threats

    Introduction The purpose of this study is to explore social engineering tactics and why it is a viable attack vector. This study hopes to prove that social engineering is becoming a more prevalent danger in the corporate world. This is important because the security of corporations must be focused on to protect consumer data. If there is an attack vector that is not being protected against company data is in danger. This can lead to increased accounts of identity theft, credit card fraud, and…

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  • Website Performance Case Study

    delete the email then the POP3 will download the email every time the users opens it. IMAP is another protocol which is the Application Layer Internet protocol. This allows the user to access the mail server, this happens when the user signs up to the mail server. For example, when users sign up to BT Mail they are accessing the IMAP protocol to send and receive emails. The current IMAP is version 4 revision 1 and this is defined as RFC 3501. Current Methods of Information Sharing: The…

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