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  • Chapter 5 Discussion Questions

    individual’s spreadsheet or address book, then the information is lost until, over time, it is repopulated. Lastly, if more than one salesperson has developed a working relationship with some clients, then those people would receive multiple mailings, e-mails, and phone calls. Most customers find this annoying, especially when a sales call comes during supper…

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  • The Origins Of Email

    Origins In 1971, Ray Tomlinson was credited with the creation of the modern day email by advancing on the already relevant SNDMSG electronic mail program. What he did was allow any computer to contact and communicate with each other as long as they were using the same . This was a huge impact because before the only way of communicating was between the same type of computer. Then in the early 1980’s, personal computers networked with LAN’s (Local Area Network) became more dominant. But again…

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  • Analysis Of Whistleblowing And Rational Loyalty

    Whistleblowing is a problem most companies, countries or people in general fear because of the general backlash that usually follows them sometimes for years. There are many occasions especially in recent years where a whistleblowing case has made the evening news and created havoc not only for the party at fault, but the person doing the whistleblowing as well as the innocent bystanders. But sometimes you have to wonder are there really innocent bystanders. For the case in this section that I…

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  • The Concept Of A Discourse Community By John Swales

    “A discourse community is a group of people who share similar goals or purposes and use communication to achieve these goals” (Swales 220). Discourse Communities are thought to have six characteristics according to John Swales in his excerpt “The Concept of a Discourse Community.” Swales stated that “These characteristics being the community has a set of common goals known to the public, mechanisms for communication, mechanisms to provide feedback, has one or more genres of communication, an…

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  • Multi-Layered Security Analysis

    mitigating risk, then implement a strategy for putting the plan into action. Email is a prime example. It has become a critical business communications tool and is also a primary conduit for malicious code. Protecting email against viruses, worms, spam, Trojan horses, phishing attacks and other threats requires a variety of security technologies. These include antivirus and antispyware software, content filtering, and firewalls.…

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  • User Side Factors Analysis

    User side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website User side factors A user side factor is the capability of the users system must be taken into consideration because, if not, people who may become potential users could be prohibited from using the site. • Download speed: is the data capped by a user’s ISP, this is usually the amount of data that is used when something is being downloaded per second. The dial up speed of downloads tends to be at the speed of 56KPs,…

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  • Electronic Communication In Healthcare

    Electronic communication currently dominates modern forms of conversation. It is so common that it has become second nature. The internet, text messaging, and social media are just a few examples. Perhaps, one of the most well-known and universal forms of electronic communication is email. Marketing industries, healthcare organizations and classrooms are some of the most globally recognized businesses. In 1971, the first email message was programmed and sent by Ray Tomlinson (Car, 2004). Josip…

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  • The Lonely Street Short Story Analysis

    Conversation opened. 1 read message. Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers 17 of 43 Why this ad? Tata Motors - Tata Motors Festive Offer - Get Total Benefits Upto Rs. 95k* on Tata Cars. Hurry - Har Din All Win! Creative Writing Competition Entry magazine entries x Zahra Sasuke <zrizvisasuke@gmail.com> AttachmentsSep 29 (10 days ago) to me Hello ma'am! These are my entries for the Magazine Society Creative Writing Competition. Both are on the topic 'The Lonely Street'.…

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  • The Importance Of Information Technology In Advertising

    Technology to function in today’s business world. I believe the most important IT aspect in advertising today is the Internet. It’s cost effective, quick, and easy. Marketing in the past relied heavily on word of mouth, paper advertisements in the mail, direct sales, or billboards and was very expensive, hard to track the results, and had a hard time reaching a large audience quickly while still being cost effective (Lilyquist). That is not the case with the Internet. Advertisers can…

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  • Importance Of Communication For Tescos

    1. Communication, communicating to people is extremely important when it is to do with a massive business like tescos and if it wasn’t for the internet this would be a very difficult task because it would mean having to send letters or ring people up on the phone when you wanted to talk to them and this doesn’t work very well or at all when your trying to get a message to more than one person at a time. But because of the internet they can send an email to all of their employees at once…

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