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  • Comparison Of Confucianism, Legalism And Buddhism

    China has one of the longest known histories in ancient world history. As civilization developed, so did the ideology of philosophy, society, and the world. There are three philosophies, and one religion that played a significant role in establishing Chinese history. These philosophies are Confucianism, Legalism, and Buddhism. Each has its own meanings; each had its own ways of seeing the nature of human beings, society and the universe. Although they each have many differences their purpose is the same, to make society better, to end conflict. Confucians’ teachings emphasize and esteem education and believe the mandate of Heaven. They believe education would change people. Therefore, Confucians’ teachings are to train people to be a better person to advance the levels of local cultures and emphasize peace between people around them with harmony. Confucians thought the government officials should be well-educated, talented, benevolent, and should live a virtuous life. The thoughts of Confucians also believe the government should be structed like the family, people should love and respect their ruler as the Master said, “When superiors love ritual the people are easy to direct.” Confucians also thought the order in society would be maintained through benevolence. The thoughts of Confucius stressed the morality centering on the man, however the thoughts of Mencius stressed that human kind arises out from being gentle in its basis. Early Zhou Dynasty was seen as…

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