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  • Argumentative Essay On Autonomous Vehicles

    the first time- self-driving car. Many still think this is a figure of the imagination, but they are actually real. They are among us, and are anticipated by society. The human race has had the ability to experience self-driving vehicles for a couple of years now. It started when four to six back up sensors were installed into the rear or front bumper. These allow the operator of the vehicle know when they are about to hit another object behind or in front of the car. These new simple…

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  • Lamborghini Car

    As the goal of this study is to gauge the appeal of purchasing an autonomous Lamborghini car, we had to test what degree of autonomy is most influential in determining its desirability. By degree of autonomy, we mean is the car fully autonomous, where the driver would need to do nothing else except turn the car on and off to get to his/her destination; or is the car semi-autonomous, where the car only has self-parking features. To test our new brand extension idea, we must assess and determine…

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  • Personal Narrative: Causing Other Problems In My Car

    sound my car was making was causing other problems in my car. My car had problems in earlier years that sounded the same as the one it was having recently. I was not too sure if taking it to the body shop was the best idea, because I already had taken it once and I thought it was all fix with no more problems to occur, but I was apparently wrong. All I could think of was that I had put my money to a waste by taking it to the same mechanic, and I was not seeing results that my car was…

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  • The Growth Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    From SIRI to autonomous cars, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow rapidly. Today, artificial intelligence is known as narrow AI (or weak AI), as it is designed to perform a narrow task, for example, voice recognition only or only driving a car. “Researchers’ long-term goal is to create artificial general intelligence (AGI or strong AI). While narrow AI may outperform humans at whatever its specific task is, general AI would outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task.” (Tegmark,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Stick Shift Car

    stick shift or manual car is rapidly progressing to become a rarity in America. Statistics on knowledgeable drivers to this now outdated concept are around 18 percent of the driving population. How could this once mandatory concept fade into an atypical concept? This is what most people ponder over when they hear this, until they actually try to drive darn contraption… My parents’ have had a pressing belief that everyone should be cognizant of how to drive a stick shift car. I was even…

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  • Smart Cars Case Study

    brought to practice by MCC is generally accepted by leading car-manufacturers as of key importance to future industry developments. Manufacturers and suppliers therefore monitor the successes and failures of MCC, as the results will mark the future organization of their companies and of the supply chain. Smart has now been an issue of concern as its sales performance has not met the company's…

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  • Disadvantages Of Carpooling

    Carpooling Have you ever tried carpooling? With traffic jams becoming a larger & larger problem these days carpooling became more popular across more countries. Carpooling is the travelling with someone together to reach your destination by sharing your rides with other people and help save the environment, and reduce pollution to have better environment as pollution is a serious problem nowadays. Although some people claim that carpooling is a convenient way for saving the environment…

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  • The Consequences Of Robotic Technology

    invented technologies every class through the robotics news report or at the beginning of every class when professor Eguchi introduced us to new technology. One of the memorable technologies that we covered in this semester was the autonomous car or self-driving car development. I have watched in cartoons or imagined about this ingenious concept when I was young. I never expected that I would hear the news…

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  • Practical Tips For Road Driving

    with a toddler – 9 practical tips when you’re on the road Our family has travelled quite a few kilometres by car. Long distance driving can be exhausting but you can make it more pleasant by preparing for it beforehand. The most important thing is to enjoy the road trip without rushing around. 9 practical tips when you’re on the road 1. Safety comes first • Make sure the baby car seat is securely installed before you head on the road. • Make sure you have all the important…

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  • Distracted Driving Essay

    created laws against the biggest offenders such as cell phone usage and driving under the influence. Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous and result in horrific accidents. The severity can range from minor vehicle damage all the way to a totaled car and devastating injuries and or possibly even…

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