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  • Personal Narrative: The Luxury Of Childhood

    The Luxury of Childhood It was a bright and sunny Monday morning; a sermon was playing on the car radio though we were not paying so much attention because we were lost in our thoughts. My uncle was driving to work and was going to drop me and my four-year-old cousin, who was sitting in her car seat with a bowl of fruit loops in her laps, in school. This Monday morning, like every other morning, I was reflecting on my day and week, checking in my head for assignments and readings to make sure…

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  • Mid Winter Light Short Story

    pile up until the seasons begin to change. Cars that once drove easily on the grooved pavement now slip and move when jack frost wants them too. Ice paints the sides of buildings as the wind whips it in every direction. Slowly lights begin to shine through the thickness of the falling flurry. The darkness of the vehicle appears shambling down the roughly plowed driveway leading to a small two level cottage splattered with colorful lights and icy silt. Three figures slowly open their doors and…

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  • Through The Wire Analysis

    Kanye West’s single “Through the Wire” from “The College Dropout” album, was released in 2003. The importance of the single being released during that specific year was that Kanye was trying to be recognized as a rapper. Many people wouldn 't recognize him as a rapper mainly because he did not have as much credibility as other rappers, such as Jay-Z and Tupac did. In fact, people wanted him to give up on rapping and focus on beating, which was what he was good at. Kanye didn 't give up in what…

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  • Bruce Weber And The Outsiders

    The short story “Through the Tunnel” Doris Lessing, the non-fiction story, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Rider” Bruce Weber, and the novel, “The Outsiders” S.E. Hinton, all portray that coming of age is when a person goes through a changing experience which allows them to grow and become their own heroes. Bruce Weber’s non-fiction story “The Loneliness of a Long Distance Rider” portrays that loneliness is the key to coming of age and healing after going through a traumatic experience.…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control

    More rules against who can have guns will make society safer by decreasing the number of drive by shootings and accidental shootings and save lives. These regulations will also prevent many homicides and mass shootings. Lastly, more laws controlling who has access to guns will help save the lives of people dealing with depression or mental illness…

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  • Sigmund Freud's View Of The Uncanny

    In Sigmund Freud’s “The Uncanny” the main idea in the essay is his idea of what the uncanny really is. Freud’s theory is that the uncanny is something unfamiliar that belongs to all that is terrible, explaining that the uncanny is the fear of the unfamiliar. On the other hand, Freud discusses how the familiar can become uncanny in our eyes. In his essay he conducts a thorough examination of what meaning has come to be attached to the word uncanny and examining the people, things, sensations,…

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  • Boca Burger Observation

    and a dessert; one contestant is eliminated after each course. The chefs are provided all the supplies and ingredients they need to prepare their dishes, while the judges look on. The clock winds down, and the camera pans to the chefs who struggle through all sorts of culinary obstacles and meltdowns. In watching this show, I've learned that there are several things that will get a new chef "chopped" from the competition. Tune into a few episodes, and…

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  • The Importance Of Designing A Security Plan

    Disaster plans are a very important part of designing a security plan. Disasters come in several types. There are physical disasters like earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and floods. Then you have non-physical such as data breaches and system failures. In order for us to complete our security plan we need to create a disaster plan to help us should an unfortunate event occur. The first step in creating a disaster plan is to conduct a business impact analysis (BIA). To conduct a BIA, we must…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Museum Symbolism

    Caulfield has many struggles in his life which he has to face alone, but the museums around New York City reveal what is underneath his cold, independent persona. The museum not only symbolizes Holden’s youthful spirit but also his true intelligence; through this symbol, Salinger suggests that childhood innocence is frequently stifled by the need to conform to social norms in school atmospheres. In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden exhibits childlike tendencies throughout the entire book but they…

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  • Forensic Evidence: Case Study

    1. The individuals I believe that ought to be interviewed for this investigation are Mr. McBride, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. McBride’s co-workers, and the forensic expert(s) who examined the evidence. Mr. McBride is innocent till proving guilty of taking “Product X” from Greenwood and his statement should be gathered accordingly. Mr. Jenkins statement would also need to be gathered to collect information as to how he came to believe Mr. McBride potentially stole the information and what the consequences…

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