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  • The Role Of Language In Children

    Many cultures don’t traditionally use written words to communicate cultural and family history. Australian Aboriginals tell stories of ‘The Dreamtime’ to explain how and why things have happened in their history. The Chinese have stories of Dragons that protect the people from drought or flood. Then you have written stories of the Bible that are handed down through generation in much the same…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between Cultural Diversity And Learning

    Teachers have a responsibility to their students to foster safe learning environments that motivate and challenge students to meet their potential. (AITSL, 2012) When examining teaching practises for indigenous diversity this goal must be the focus of planning and facilitating. Within every classroom world-wide teacher’s work to address diversities and provide equal opportunity to all students, “teachers must recognise and vale each student’s unique interests, experiences and abilities, needs…

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  • Aboriginal People Reflective Essay

    I respectfully acknowledge the Elders and custodians of the Yuin nation, past and present, their descendants and kin of the land where I am living, studying and working. This is a warning that this journal may contain images, voices and names of deceased Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island people. Whilst attending school with two Aboriginal students in my class, I was never exposed to people stereotyping Aboriginal people. I lived in an inland rural area of New South Wales, and after…

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  • Aboriginal People Analysis

    This unit enabled me to explore the history of relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia. More precisely, the unit is an eye-opener to understand the dispossession, resistance, adaptation and survival of indigenous people in Australia followed by the British colonization. I heard that the indigenous people were bush tuckers and lived in bushes. However, I do not have much idea about their history, lifestyle and culture before I learn this unit. I am really admired…

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  • Areas Of Miscommunication Essay

    The purpose of this essay is to analyse areas of miscommunication in the education system, and to discuss the many issues it causes for Aboriginal peoples. Communication is an exchange of ideas, information or feelings through a number of different mediums. Failure to communicate can impact the relationship between Aboriginal students and their non-Indigenous students and teachers. Language is an area of communication that can be easily misconceived and causes many issues in a multi-language…

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  • Diversity Of English

    Our society is everchanging and the world in which our children live today is significantly different from previous generations. Our student population is becoming more diverse than ever, and we are seeing many more English as a Second Language (ESL) students and students with diverse cultural backgrounds enter our classroom. Moreover, society is becoming more and more technology driven meaning we communicate and access information via a range of literacy resources including computers, smart…

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  • Indigenous Language Teaching

    INTRODUCTION The purpose of the first part of this report critically reflects on the understandings in Indigenous Education that have been gained from unit topics. The report acknowledges that Standard Australian English is a second language for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, that attitudes need to change both of teachers and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and parents, and the need for schools to adopt a culturally supportive framework. In addition best…

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  • Reflection On Developing Knowledge And Skills To Work Effectively With Indigenous Australians

    REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 1 The aim of the course is to develop knowledge and skills to work effectively with Indigenous Australians in the field of psychology. In order to do so, we need to explore concepts of culture, identity, belonging, cultural positioning, and social and emotional wellbeing. The majority of work in this course will be examining self and developing an understanding of one’s own learning needs. Individual Learning Outcomes Setting your own Learning Outcomes: Consider your…

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  • Stolen Generation

    This essay has two different parts, the chosen event and aspect will be about Indigenous Australian history of Stolen Generation. It will have answers to, What is Stolen Generation? why have Indigenous children been removed from their families? Also by analysing the nature of the effects and impacts of the event in practice of Indigenous Australians. Children from the Indigenous Australian background has been through so much traumatic events, that educators must have an understanding of these…

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