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  • Theme Of Mise En Scene In Imitation Of Life

    In the film, Imitation of Life, director Douglas Sirk utilizes the visual elements of mise-en-scene to affect viewers emotionally when presenting them with life’s limits of race. Throughout the film Sirk provides the viewer with a particular perspective of American life during the 1950’s. There are specific conventions and mise-en-scene devices that Sirk employs which are conducive to displaying the limitations of race. An example being, the scene where Annie and Sarah-Jane first arrive at…

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  • Space Odyssey And Stranger Days: Movie Analysis

    2001:Space Odyssey and Stranger Days. Putting all the beautiful visual effects and futuristic graphics aside, movies is the best way to travel in time because they show us a visual representation of an upcoming future. Directors like Stanly Kubrick, Douglas Trumbull, Spike Jonez and Katryn Bigelow have used movies as a tool to represent topic such as the future of artificial intelligence, nature, singularity and mind alterations. Loved by sci-fi fanatics and respect by philosophers, a Sci-Fi…

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  • Ali Fear Eat The Soul Analysis

    A Melodramatic Varnish in Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Germany emerging through the 1970s was imbued in polemic discourse concerned with the issues surrounding German identity politics. The issues around American influences within Germany’s social and political spheres proved more convoluted igniting these discourses that would be thoroughly engaged with and explored by the New German Cinema movement. This engagement proved the enigmatic approach encompassing American influences, one that Germüden…

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  • General Douglas Macarthur: A True Military Hero

    General Douglas MacArthur Born January 26, 1880, Douglas MacArthur grew to be one of the nation’s finest Military leaders of all time. His military career began in West Point on June 13, 1899-June 13, 1819. He later helped lead the 42nd Division in France during World War I for four years. After WWI, he took on positions of high authority and responsibility. From being the superintendent of West Point on June 1, 1919; Chief of Staff; Field Marshall of the Philippines; Supreme Commander of the…

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  • Macarthur Vs Macarthur

    became apparent with the introduction of the Truman Doctrine. In presenting the doctrine, the President emphatically asked Americans to commit to a world-wide anti-communist movement that continues to guide foreign policy to this day. The firing of Douglas MacArthur, an influential and popular General due to his accomplishments of World War II, is arguably a contradiction of the fight against communism, as MacArthur was a proven opponent (LaFeber, 2008). So why was he dismissed? The controversy…

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  • Douglas Macarthur Biography

    Douglas MacArthur was born on January 26, 1880 at a military base in Little Rock, Arkansas. His dad, Lieutenant General Arthur MacArthur, was a war hero. His mother was Mary Pinkney Hardy MacArthur, and her brothers had fought during the civil war. Douglas MacArthur was born into a military family and was expected to be great. He had two brothers, both of whom died when he was fairly young. As a child, Douglas and his family moved around to different army stations very often. MacArthur said,…

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  • Blue Valley Multi Service Center Case Study

    Downtown Kansas City. It is part of Johnson County which is a fairly large county. The county itself is drastically different from the KC Metro area because it is known to be a very affluent area, especially the south half of Johnson county. Overland Park itself is one of the highest priced living areas. I chose this location one, because I live here in Overland Park, and two, because I was interested to see what resources are available to this county considering the average income and home…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Vail Trappings

    3: Situational Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Master upholsterer Location is not retail friendly Largest in-stock fabric selection Long lead times during part of the year Exclusive Hunter Douglas® Showroom Limited online presence Lifetime Craftsmanship guarantee Dated Website Opportunities Threats Vail Valley Partnership’s strong support for local businesses Luxury items depend on economy Designer partnerships Foam prices fluctuate with gas prices (petroleum…

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  • Guilford Covered Bridge Essay

    At one point in time, there were roughly 400 to 500 covered bridges in the state of Indiana. Beginning in 1835, Henry County contained the first covered bridge in Indiana history. In 1937, Indiana was home to 202 covered bridges; Dearborn County had two. By 1998, there was only one covered bridge in Dearborn County, and it is known as Guilford Covered Bridge (Covered Bridges in Indiana). Guilford Covered Bridge was built in 1879 by A.M. Kennedy and Sons, who had built around fifty…

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  • Amenities And Open Spaces: The City Of Utica

    1. Area: The community in which I live is an urban setting located in Central New York. The City of Utica is located in Oneida County. 2. Demographics: With an estimated 61,332 people in the City of Utica according to the U.S Census Bureau, the city has seen a decrease in residency since the formal census conducted in 2010 (Census Bureau). Even with the estimated decrease in population, the city is home to a multitude of races and ethnicities immigrating to the U.S from various countries…

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