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  • The Movie 'The Wizard Of Oz'

    It was used when Dorothy is telling either the Good or other character how she ended up in the Land of OZ. SCARED: This sign uses the movement of both hand towards each other at chest level starting at the shoulders with both hands closed, but suddenly opening them as the reach each other keeping palms facing inside. It was used when Dorothy referred to the Bad Witch. MAGIC: Bringing both hands together at lower chest level…

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  • Wizard Of Oz Analysis

    tells the story of a young farm girl, Dorothy, and her dog Toto who were transported to the magical Land of Oz after a tornado picks up their house. In Oz Dorothy searches for the great and powerful wizard who can send her and Toto home. The movie the Wizard of Oz demonstrates a strong feeling of home throughout the whole film. Even though Dorothy was desperate to escape Kansas she knows that her aunt and uncles farm is where she belongs. In the movie Dorothy learns through her colorful…

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  • Dorothy's Monomyth In The Grapes Of Wrath

    “There’s no place like home.” Dorothy said after she finished her monomyth of reaching the wizard. An monomyth is basically the twelve stages of an hero’s journey. In the beginning of Dorothy's journey she was just a ordinary girl. She feels like she doesn't belong in the small town of Kansas anymore. The only friend she has is her dog Toto, in which she looks to for excitement. Dorothy feels like Kansas is not her home anymore. Since Toto is Dorothy's only friend in her small town, her…

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  • Wizard Of Oz Character Analysis

    Oz, the protagonist and antagonist are both Dorothy, which means the conflict is person vs. self. Dorothy is going against the side of herself that doesn’t appreciate the home that she has and also her family. Dorothy dreams of a place much better than her home, only to realize at the end of the movie that Kansas is where she belongs. In the initial incident, Ms. Gulch, the “witch” that lived in Kansas, took Toto, Dorothy’s dog, away from her. Dorothy then got very upset and sang a song about…

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  • Wizard Of Oz Mise En Scene Analysis

    The fact that literature critics consider it a better version than the original text should help illustrate that point. The use of screen elements (color, light, sound, mise en scene, etc.) coincide with the various twists and turns of the plot as Dorothy moves from Kansas, to Oz, and back again. When we are first introduced to Kansas, it appears entirely in black and white. From a modern perspective grown accustomed to seeing color on screen, this world seems "less real  than that of the…

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  • Dorothy Sayers Are Women Human Analysis

    the many writers occasionally involved in the Oxford literary group The Inklings was Dorothy L. Sayers. The Inklings met weekly to enjoy each other’s company and discuss their latest writing endeavors (Zaleski). As a woman, she was not only a minority in the group but also as a scholar and Oxford graduate as well. The Inklings influenced each other’s writings and brought forth the creativity in each other. Dorothy L. Sayers was born in Oxford, England on 13 June 1893 to Helen Mary Sayers and…

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  • Strong Poison: A Room Of One's Own

    The stories “Strong Poison/A Room of One’s Own,” bring up many points and the ideal roles of the norms of what men and women should be doing in society. Mr. Wimsey was one of the only men in Strong Poison that behaved outside of the norm of “masculinity.” He actually believed that women had rights and should be treated like human beings. This can be shown when he speaks to other women and when he gives them opportunities to help with his investigation throughout the novel. Other men in the novel…

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  • Narration From Sherlock Holmes's 'The Man With The Twisted Lipen'

    Narration is important to any story, but it inevitably makes or breaks a detective story. The narrator creates a connection between the characters in the book, including the narrator themself, and the reader. In a detective novel the narrator performs the role of the magnifying glass that great detectives use to hone in on the clues of the case. They help the reader identify what is of use and what is just description to the story, and ultimately uncover the solution to the case. This essay will…

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  • Citizen Kane Research Paper

    It is through his second wife, Susan Alexander (Dorothy Comingore) and his past employee, Jedediah Leland (Joseph Cotten) that his life story is exposed. Charles Foster Kane was not brought up like most because of his lack of childhood. The physiological effects of his absentee parents caused him to become…

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  • Rosebud Reflection

    compassion to those close to him. This is seen through his choice to choose his mistress over his attempt at a political career, his first wife, and his son. We continue to get this picture through the mistress and eventually second wife- Susan, Dorothy Comingore. This greed motif continues through his coercion to have her develop an opera career. This career move was for him, not her. Kane became power hungry and wanted to prove that he could “have it all”. These thee interviews act as a…

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