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  • The Similarities Between The Parthenon And The Pantheon

    The Parthenon in Athens and the pantheon in Rome are well described in the essay followed by the similarities and the differences. The two temples have well shown contradictions. The Parthenon and the Pantheon temples reflect the usage of civilization for architecture that appears the aesthetic function that mirrors the power of ingenuity. Not to forget the major difference between the Roman and Greek empire that printed a different architecture style and history around the world.…

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  • Saint Dionysus Agora

    10 Most Incredible Churches in Greece 10. Athens Catholic Cathedral of Saint Dionysus Areopagite This is the seat of the Catholic Church in Greece. The basilica is of the three-aisle form and is a work of Athenian classicism. Twelve giant columns made from green marble from Tinos island support the roof. The floor is made of fine Pentelic marble, and there are 8 impressive vitraux on the windows in the lower part of the church. 9. Church of the Holy Apostles Located on the western area of…

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  • The Importance Of The Elgin Marbles

    As a temple created for the goddess Athena, the Parthenon is one of the greatest structures of the ancient world and a symbol of ancient Greek culture. In the 1800s after the Parthenon was partially destroyed, Lord Elgin took pieces of the Parthenon back to London and is now in the British Museum. For centuries many people believe that the British Museum should return the Parthenon Marbles aka the Elgin Marbles back to Greece. These Marbles have great historical and cultural significance in…

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  • Physical Unique Hotel Case Study

    Definition The definitions of a physical unique hotel may be different, but what they all have in common, is that they are either placed a uniquely beautiful place, or the building itself is unique. Physically unique hotel is a hotel which appears differently than the others and it makes it interesting and original. People can say at first glimpse that it is a physical unique hotel. There were special efforts put in the idea of the appearance and the process of building it was different (for…

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  • Roman Cities Research Paper

    Roman Dwellings This weeks Discussion forum is very interesting, at least in my opinion. I personally love architecture, especially Greek and Roman architecture. if that was not obvious from last week's discussion forum. I will start with the dwellings inside of the city. City Dwellings This weeks Discussion forum is very interesting, at least in my opinion. I personally love architecture, especially Greek and Roman architecture. if that was not obvious from last week's discussion forum. I…

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  • Classical Era Dbq Analysis

    influence our lives today. To start off, multifarious Greek architecture influenced buildings today. For example, countless buildings in our country’s capital , Washington D.C , have Greek columns (Doc.1). Similarly, the Lincoln Memorial has Doric columns. The Supreme Court has Corinthian columns. Even the Jefferson Memorial has Ionic Greek columns. Not only Washington D.C has Greek columns , Greek columns…

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  • Essay On Athena Lemnia

    Athena Lemnia, a modern copy of Athena Lemnia’s reconstruction, currently resides in a niche in Carpenter Library of Bryn Mawr College. It used to exhibit in Thomas Great Hall and it was moved to carpenter Library in 1997. and before The statue is made of plaster and slightly over life-size. Its dimension is 228.6 cm x 106.68 cm x 68.58 cm (Height x Width x Depth). The statue was made by August Gerber and was painted black to resemble bronze texture of the original. The original sculpture it…

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  • Pantheon Vs Parthenon Research Paper

    were created in the same city or in the same era, however there are also many distinguishing features to both. There are enough differences in fact to warrant further examination into the history and architecture of these two iconic buildings. In order to do so, we'll look at the design of both the Pantheon and Parthenon's columns and capitals, builders, usage, architectural systems, and their original purpose. The Parthenon was finished in 438 BC, and was originally built as a temple…

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  • The Importance Of Parthenon In Greece

    Many people create bucket lists of historic places they’d like to visit on dream vacations and adventures that span the globe, or seek to soothe a sense of wanderlust created by travel books and geographic television shows. Many people include on their list the Parthenon in Greece, to get a feel for how life was for a culture so influential on so many in our modern day and age. Or perhaps some people prefer the mystique surrounding Stonehenge in England, a relic of times past and shrouded in…

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  • Essay On Nike Apteros

    From the very famous Greek temples is the temple of victory- Nike Apteros also called as “the temple of Athena”, Athena as the Goddess of victory. The temple was considered as the symbol of victory of the Greeks on the Persians. The temple is located at the Southwest corner of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and is considered the smallest temple out there, constructed by the same architect who built the Parthenon- Kallikrates. Apteros Nike originally means wing-less victory that’s why the…

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