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  • The Youngest Research Paper

    The Life of the Youngest Would you rather be the youngest sibling, the oldest or the only child? Each option will affect you differently. I have one older sister, making me the younger sibling. Being the youngest definitely has its pros and cons, which both work together to make me the man I am today. I had my older sister’s shoes to fill; at times it got difficult because I felt rushed to achieve what she has achieved. I must admit, my parents did baby me more than my sister; in return this…

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  • Analysis: Should College Student Athletes Be Paid

    Being a broke college student isn’t fun. Being a broke college athlete is worse. Broke college students aren’t just needing the money but they need the balance of time, work, and study also. No college student, let alone student athletes would ever turn down the thought of being paid for their services. So why isn’t the NCAA trying to help our college athletes out? College isn’t cheap. College students have financial obligations outside of the classroom; being on scholarship does not lighten the…

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  • Birth Order Influence On Personality

    are many examples that show that birth order influences someone’s personality. Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung are three very famous philosophers who have theories on how people’s personalities are based on the order they are born in. Based on their theories, only children, youngest children, middle children, and oldest children all have different characteristics and personalities. Some of the characteristics that would alter, based on birth order could be: openness, social skills,…

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  • Birth Order Influence On Life

    Influence of Birth Order on Life Introduction Birth order is something no one can change, yet many scholars have tried their best to interpret its many effects on each child’s life. The order in which a child arrives will either crown him or her as the first ruler over the land with undivided attention, the sociable, peacemaker between the young and old, or as the last of the pack just floating through life learning from those before them. No one can chose their path, but throughout life people…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Father And Their Relationship Today

    Their relationship today is mutual for the benefits of us. My father married again when I was 9 and they are currently still together. My step mom has two daughters and a son whom are all older than me. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. My siblings and I are very close. I grew up with my little sister and 3 brothers, when my father married again her three kids moved in with my father. When I first met my step mother’s children I didn’t get along with the girls because they were shy and really…

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  • Birth Order Related Factors

    people argue that one’s position in sibling birth order does not have an impact on the persons social and behavioural skills, instead other, non-birth order related factors affect the person’s personality and social and behavioural skills. Yet, by exploring various studies, it becomes clear that he differences in personality and social and behavioural skills in people are largely influenced…

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  • Siblings: A Short Story

    Exactly 17 months and 15 days ago, I left my siblings behind in Springfield, Oregon to move all the way to Flint, Michigan. At the time, Emylee, my sister, was only 7 and Trevon, my brother, was 9. After we moved out here, I met my mom’s boyfriend’s children, Whitney, Logan, and Jacob. Whitney was the oldest, at 20, Logan was the same age as me, 15, and Jacob was 12. I was slightly weary of them at first, I was a little bitter with having to leave my family behind for this new one, but I grew to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Maggie And Dee

    Sisters with Different Aspects In the short story “Everyday Use” Maggie and Dee are two sisters but are different from each other. Both have different personalities such as things they have faced throughout their lives. The sisters grow up together with their mother by their side, but they both grow up with different things on their minds. Maggie is a girl that contrasts herself from her sister after she had an accident: “she will stand hopelessly in corners, homely ashamed of the burn…

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  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    Restraining Order? A Restraining Order is a court ordered mandate protecting you from the individual that has abused or harassed you. A restraining order can be very beneficial if it is followed properly by the petitioner because ultimately it depends on you if you want full protection. The party served with this order must comply, and if there is sufficient evidence to prove the party is not complying they have committed a breach and can face criminal or civil penalties. Restraining orders are…

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  • Amber Oertel Research Paper

    Life is full of people that help shape and mold you into the person you become. Maybe it's a parent, grandparent, teacher, or maybe even a friend. For me at least, it's my older sister, Amber Oertel. Amber has been with me as long as I can remember, granted she would have rather had mom and dad bring home a puppy instead of me, I still like to think she still likes me. She has been with me through some of the greatest losses in both of our lives, she has also been the source of some of my…

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