Domestic terrorism in the United States

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  • Department Of Homeland Security Essay

    Just a few days after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City and in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania State Governor Tom Ridge was appointed to be the first director of the Office of Homeland Security. This office overlooked and regulated a nationally seen strategy to keep our country safe against domestic and international terrorism attacks. The Department of Homeland Security was put in place to ensure that we are safe no matter time of the day or the year. President…

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  • American Government Surveillance

    Why then does the American government show such little responsibility with the great power they possess? The concept of freedom has been a contested subject for ages in the United States. It has assumed various meaning during the different stages of the American history. Mass surveillance has become a tool of political domination. However, technologies being used to monitor people. During the era of the founding fathers, it stood for liberation from political authoritarianism. Freedom in the…

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  • Revenge Comes Home Analysis

    bible. The word “slain” is used very often in the bible when describing the death of an animal, which highlights the ideas that minorities are often being treated and viewed as animals instead of people. Shah begins with different examples of domestic terrorism that are not as extreme, such as “a bag of blood was thrown on the doorstep of an immigrant-services center” in San Francisco, CA. This shows that businesses and corporations that support other races are also being targeted, even if…

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  • Human Equality In America

    whether I agreed or disagreed with the above quote. On one hand, yes, America has succeeded in establishing a progressive political system and envisioned a new idea of what it means to be free, but on the other hand, I feel as though that the United States has departed from the ideas of freedom, responsible government, and human equality. In the end, I decided that I disagree with the idea of America is much more of a political and moral fact. What started as the pursuit for a better world,…

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  • Convention Against Torture

    The international agreement under the review of the United Nations stood as as “concrete steps to make the global on torture a reality” rather than a fantasy. Although certain states further implement the Convention Against Torture and significantly consider the recommendations made by the Committee Against Torture , torture is still widely used in the twenty-first…

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  • Terrorism: Cybercrime In The United States

    Americans have laid cheek and jowl with terrorism for many years, especially since the events of September 11, 2001. While terrorism is usually concerned with bombings, kidnappings or hijackings, some forms of terrorism are much more costly regarding monetary expense. It is estimated that cyber terrorism costs the consumers at least 100 billion dollars a year, although that is only a rough estimate. Company costs for cybercrime can come from the following areas: loss of intellectual property or…

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  • Cyber-Terrorism And Terrorism

    Terrorism cannot be defined by one uniform definition. There are many different circumstances the prevent this. Each terrorist group has their own set of ideals, customs, means and motives. The reason they carry out criminal acts is because they believe they have been wronged. In the eyes of the organization, the only thing that will fix the injustices brought upon the is a public display of violence. Any act that has the following components may be labeled and terrorist attack: premeditation,…

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  • Technology's Role In Terrorism

    threatened the lives of our fellow citizens that live in landmark regions across the United States. In contrast, drug-related crimes have deter gradually. According to the Uniform Crime Report, the percent of illicit drug-related crimes has decreased from 1.8 million arrests in 2005, to 1.5 million arrests in 2014. This data demonstrates, that challenges have emerged through the use of illegal drug abuse and terrorism, considering the fact that it is one of the most serious problems the law…

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  • The Causes Of Terrorism

    Terrorism has been a phenomenon since the creation of man and colonized Earth. This phenomenon is linked to the existence of social relations between human beings, and linked to the existence of the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, increase and decrease according to the expansion or contraction of circle of human relations. Abnormalities in human actions and behavior of an individual or a group are existing in all times and ages since time immemorial. So this phenomenon appeared…

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  • Terrorists Are Criminals

    home-grown terrorism has become more prevalent in recent years. Terrorist are criminals. I would say that a serial killer is a criminal. Serial killers create terror by killing specific persons and motives. That brings up the questions are serial killers terrorist or murderers? Terrorists and murderers can get placed in the same category quite easily. However, using violence or the act of violence, such as hijacking or kidnapping, to terrify persons into a political change is domestic…

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