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  • Animal Overpopulation In America

    In the United States, there are approximately 5 to 7 million dogs or cats that enter animal shelters every year. 3 to 4 million of those are killed by euthanasia. If you do the math, the statistics are shocking to say the least. It is important for humans to love their pets as much as they love another person or family member. The American Veterinary Medical Association says that dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the United States. Since they are so popular, overpopulation is a big…

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  • Animal Cruelty Epidemic

    Animal cruelty is a worldwide epidemic that must be stopped. Animal abuse is when one hurts an animal or does not care for an animal as responsible as they should. With being a cat & dog owner I often find myself asking how people could be so cruel to animals that, humans domesticated and trained. Our ancestors did this deed to reduce labor and increase companionship, but their descendants took this advantage above and beyond. It’s against the law to be cruel to or harm animals in Illinois. Most…

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  • Human Evolution Of Dogs

    best friend the name “Canis Lupus Familiaris” will most likely not come to mind. Canis Lupus Familiaris is the trinomial or subspecies name for the Canid species, the domestic dog (Yong, 2016). It is hard to believe that dogs such as toy or terrier breeds have derived from the grey wolf. To start the evolution of our many dog breeds today, we go back 10,000-30,000 years ago when the grey wolf walked all over the globe. Tribes and colonies during this time era encountered packs of wolves in their…

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  • Personal Essay: A Man's Best Friend

    A man’s best friend. Without even saying the word people hear this phrase and instantly picture a loving pup. Dogs have been known as a man’s best friend for many decades, they are genuine, pure, loyal, and loving creatures. In my life, I have developed a love for these animals along with many others. Since I was little, I knew my goal in life was to become a veterinarian, but just wanting something isn’t good enough. To truly be successful in a career one needs to have motives, goals and find…

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  • Effects Of The Green Revolution

    the semi-dwarf HYV led to a decrease in protein. It was concluded this occur because of the performance difference in the lines used to obtain the semi-dwarf, the protein was diluted in the high concentration of carbohydrates. Never the less as breeding continued protein and net weight has increase insignificantly but the maintaining or improving these values was a significant achievement during genes manipulations to increase yields. As time progress, greater knowledge in the genetic control of…

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  • Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned Essay

    Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned Eriane Jesus St. Petersburg College Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned Should genetically modified food be banned around world… or not? Since the food became one of the most important ingredient to the humanity. People really need to be careful and learn more about genetically modified foods because it can cause bad things to the environment and to the people too. Although some people support genetically modified food, the truth is…

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  • Summary: Our Food Products Is Safe

    Where does our food come from? Our food comes from hard working farmers and large agricultural companies who supply us with food. Now, the question is, is it safe? In order to find out if our food products are safe, we must begin with the definition of agriculture. Agriculture is the creating of crops and livestock products (Janick, Altieri, and Colwell) and agriculture means the same in every nation. However, the way it’s done varies from country to country. The U.S. has the best possible…

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  • Pro Gm Foods

    For years, parents have reprimanded their children with the witty comment “You are what you eat.”, and this phrase has been pulled into numerous lawsuits and controversial fights regarding genetically modified foods. In this day in age, how would people respond if someone told them that if they consumed too many genetically modified foods, they would become a genetically modified food? Genetically modified foods have earned themselves the abbreviation of GM foods, and were introduced into the…

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  • Equivalence Testing Persuasive Essay

    For as long as people have been on this earth there has always been the issue of famine. It would seem safe to say that any sane person would accept the solution to world hunger, right? Well there may be a solution to this problem already but it is up to the consumer’s to support this movement. As you can imagine with such a huge increase in world population there has been an increased demand for food and natural resources. This high demand has led to the use of genetically modified…

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  • Human Inequalities In Animals

    Artificial selection has been employed for centuries in the context of domestication. Dogs were primarily selected for an ability to interact well with humans, thus enabling them to succeed in the human realm (McGreevy & Nicholas 1999). Most of the traits subject to artificial selection were initially for functionality. However, humans have extensively altered the phenotype of the modern dog beyond that of any other domestic species (McGreevy & Nicholas 1999), and it is when this selection…

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