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  • Irresponsible Breeding Research Paper

    Irresponsible Breeding of our Canine Friends In this day and age of the modern and impatient, society has forsaken our most loyal companions. They have sentenced their canine friends and their lineage to a life of cages and ultimately – death. This is due to the impetuous actions of the individuals and people among society and their failure to educate themselves on how to properly care for their animals. We live in a society with an enormous census of unwanted and excessively bred animals for a…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Puppy Mill

    bodily fluids like they would walk through a yard on a snowy blizzard day. Dogs loudly barking, howling, growling, whining trying to be heard by a savior to rescue each one from the horrid abuse. Each dog that lives at a puppy mill does not live at all as most are matted with fur, covered in feces from the dog living in the cage above them, crusted eyes shut, and even diseases. Bial acknowledges that “puppy mills keep breeding dogs in overcrowded, shabby, and unsanitary cages-often rows of cages…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation Of Dogs

    Molly, and they ended up having a litter of puppies. These innocent dogs either ended up dying or hopefully, they made it to a shelter. Consequently, it only takes two unsterilized, abandoned dogs to lead to the overpopulation of dogs. Around four million helpless dogs die each year due to the shelters overflow with homeless canines so the innocent animals must be euthanized (Sexton). Additionally, more than half of the blameless dogs in an animal shelter never become adopted so they never make…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Puppy Mills

    American homes have at least one dog as a pet (APPMA). Roughly 90 % of puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills (PAWS). There are thousands upon thousands of homeless dogs throughout the United States who need homes. However, many people insist on purchasing a purebred, a registered puppy from a large commercial breeder or pet store rather than adopting a mixed-breed dog of unknown origins. The term “puppy mill” does not have an official or legal definition.…

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  • Informative Essay On Dingoes

    it’s feet, mouth, chest and belly are all white. It’s nose is black like most dogs and it has pointy up ears. The dingo lives in Australia and mainly lives in desserts but some live in grasslands and near forests. Dingoes often make their dens in abandoned rabbit holes. Most people know the Dingo as a native animal to only Australia similar to why people know the Kangaroo. They can rotate their paws unlike any other dog and they have the largest canine teeth. They mainly live up to 5-6 years but…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

    aren’t treating the dogs badly. On the other hand, most people say that puppy mills are horrible and no dog should ever feel that kind of pain and that’s what I agree with. This is something that I feel strongly about because I have a dog that came from a puppy mill and she is blind in one eye because of the awful treatment dogs get there. Puppy Mills are not safe for dogs because they receive little or no veterinary care, the dogs live in terrible conditions, and female dogs are forced to breed…

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  • Why Is Animal Rights Important?

    In the United States alone thousands of dogs other household pets are left for days without proper food and water. Sometimes chained outside for weeks on end without even being acknowledged. The most common victims of this kind of neglect are dogs and cats. In a survey that took 1,800 cruelty cases back in 2007, over 64.5% or 1,212 cases recorded involved dogs. (25 percent of those cases involved some kind of pit bull breeds.) While 18% or (337) involved…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Overpopulation

    accurately determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States; animal shelters estimate that there may be up to about 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year because there simply aren't enough willing homes to adopt them. Even if the stray animal population is controlled, shelters are still struggling to maintain their population within its organization. The huge population is attributed to out of control breeding due to irresponsible owners, breeding by owners solely for…

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  • Puppy Mills Inhumane

    who want to stop the inhumane reproduction between dogs in puppy mills. However not a lot of people know puppy mills exist or where their dog really came from. Puppy mills are an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, on an intensive basis and these conditions are inhumane. Dogs inside puppy mills spend their lives in small cages being neglected and forced to breed repeatedly with no recovery time in between. Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without…

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  • Catahoula Research Paper

    in Louisiana in the 1800s with their dog beauceron. They told of strange looking dogs with haunting glass eyes that were used by the Indians to hunt game in the swamp. It is thought the Beauceron and Red Wolf/war dog were interbred to produce the Catahoula. One theory as to the origins of the breed states that the Catahoula is thought to have descended from "war dogs" (Mastiffs and Greyhounds) brought to Louisiana by Hernando de Soto in the 16th century. Dogs left behind by the explorer's party…

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