Doctrine of equivalents

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  • Hindu Adoption Case Study

    INTRODUCTION The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 codifies the law of adoption and maintenance. Adoption is the admission of a stranger by birth to the privileges of a child by a legally recognised form of affiliation. Outside British India, in Goa, Daman and Diu the Portuguese incorporated basic rules of Hindu law of adoption in 1880. Indian Majority Act, 1875 exempted adoption from the purview of its provisions while Indian Succession Act, 1925 specifically recognised the Hindu usage…

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  • Jean Jacques Rousseau's Theory Of Social Contract

    intolerable and difficult. This problem was solved through the help of a social contract. 3.3 State Of Nature According to Rousseau, “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”. He was against the established rules of society and advocated the doctrine of “Back to nature”. What Rousseau meant by “back to nature” was that nature must be the rule for man in society. It would keep man away from the corrupt and artificial existence. He believed that in the state of nature man led to heavenly…

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  • Vivisection Is Inhumane

    Vivisection is inhumane and cruel. Everyday animals are put through horrendous testing over and over again, just in the name of science. These animals are taken from their homes, beaten and used up in the labs, and are even put down when they are not needed. Animals and humans are built differently; because of this, animals do not suffer from disease in the same way that people do. Effort should be made prohibiting vivisection because it is unnecessary, inhumane, and morally unethical.…

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  • The Importance Of Moral Reasoning

    measures as torture and targeted killings to combat terrorism is supported by Consequentialist moral reasoning which locates morality in the consequences of an act. The most influential example of Consequential Moral Reasoning is Utilitarianism, a doctrine invented by Jeremy Bentham, the 18th century English political philosopher. The right thing to do individually or collectively, according to Utilitarianism, is to act in a way that maximises the overall level of happiness, or utility, which is…

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  • The Role Of Women In Hinduism

    truth and that these paths vary between all of us. On the other hand, Karma proposes that anything a person does, whether good or bad, will eventually return to them in this or a future life. This concept is closely related to that of reincarnation, doctrine in which one is reborn in cycles as different creatures depending on the actions you committed in your previous life (BBC, 2014). The Hindu calendar is lunar and many festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Some of them are…

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  • Jeremy Bentham's Theory Of Utilitarianism

    emotion should not be left to the odds, He believed that fact should be the intention of both. Mill’s proper description of utility can be viewed as one that fits the type of conventional Benthamism, in it that its account for happiness (ecstasy) is equivalent to pleasure, as well as the absence of pain. Mill wills two goals in which he attempts to accomplish, both the criticism of utilitarianism as it is popularly defined, and likewise the defense of the concept listed above. Mill believed that…

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  • Middle Ages Essay

    The era that rests between the collapse of the Western Roman Empires and the established beginning of early modern European history is known as the Middle Ages because it appears to sit between two superior periods of human history. Often over looked or generalized when looking at the larger spectrum of written history, this millennia contains two of the most important developments in the history of the Europe and the development of the modern world. The history of Medieval Europe is one of two…

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  • Pythagoras And Strabo: The Soul Of The Soul

    In Plato's view of the transmigration of the soul from body to body, however, there is a difference. Plato claimed the soul tends to become impure during these bodily inhabitations although a minimal former life knowledge remains. However, if through its transmigrations the soul continues doing good and eliminates the bodily impurities it will eventually return to its pre-existence state. But, if the soul continually deteriorates through its bodily inhabitations it will end up in Tartarus, a…

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  • Early Childhood Education And Career Analysis

    Advancement in this type of career depends on the ambitions of the individual teacher and educational degrees, such as certification, bachelor, masters, doctrine. In infant childcare centers, the basic education prerequisite for a preschool teacher position is a high school diploma and early childhood education certification. An associate’s degree is necessary for Head Start programs. Associate’s degrees…

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  • For-Profit Health Care Organizations: Case Study

    List several efforts that have been enacted by payors to control costs. The following are efforts that have been made by payers to control costs: Reduce avoidable, ineffective and duplicate use of services - including technology that does not improve patient care - and encourage clinically effective care based on comparative effectiveness research and implementation of IT, To pay appropriately and foster the adoption of innovative models of health care delivery, To ensure accurate pricing of…

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