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  • Nuclear North Korea Analysis

    “A Nuclear North Korea and Prospects for the Korean Economy: An International Business Perspective” is written by Yoon-Shik Park, PhD & DBA Professor of International Finance, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. This paper was presented at The Joint Annual Conference 2007 of ICKS-KAUPA on Impending Changes on the Korean Peninsula and The Future of U.S.-Korean Relations. The author’s main argument is that due to the economic state of North Korea, which has been on the decline since…

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  • Why Do College Athletes Get Paid?

    “NCAA Division I athletes still receive expert coaching (that could lead to a professional career as an athlete or as a coach), on-campus housing, frequent meals, non-uniform clothing, free medical consultation, free access to state-of-the-art training facilities…

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  • Obesity In Americ A Case Study

    This year in the United States of America more than eight million athletes will compete in an organized high school sport. Of this eight million only 460,000 will go on to compete at the NCAA level and of those 460,000 only 1% will compete in the Division I sector. (George, 2013) “Being the 1 percenter”, as many athletes call it, is a goal that millions of high school athletes have. They dream of playing on the court or field surrounded by thousands of fans and being televised all over the…

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  • Wealth Of Nations By Adam Smith: Division Of Labor

    Division of labor occurs when the work process is separated into a various number of tasks. Each worker or group of workers then specializes in completing a single task. It is used in mass production and is considered “one of the basic organizing principles of the assembly line. (Britannica, 2014). Specialization via division of labor has helped to eliminate the need for workers to handle multiple tools and minimized unnecessary motion. Through the repetition of simple basic tasks by…

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  • Adam Smith And Marx Case Study

    contend that they are earning much less than the company claims. This paper will first examine Adam Smith’s theory of the division of labor in the successful business model of UberX, and then apply Marx & Engels’s perspective to the wealth gap between the company and its drivers. My argument is that the mode of operation of UberX challenges Smith’s idea of extensive division of labor leading to…

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  • Maple Leaf Foods Organizational Chart

    The Organization chart I chose to analyze is from Maple Leaf Foods. Maple Leaf Consumer Foods is the leading producer of the top and lean quality, bringing value-added fresh and prepared meats and meals product to the customer. Creating a customer value through employee is one Maple Leaf Foods top priority, brands and food safety competencies, production and distribution network nationwide. Being a customer driven company, Maple Leaf Foods generates product innovation and growth in the food…

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  • Why Is Planaria Important?

    Charts were created from a cumulated pool of planarian research. Dead and missing planaria were not included in the data pool. Discussion: After undergoing the regeneration process Planaria had varying responses. This study concluded that the majority of planaria retain the learning process after regeneration, this statement is especially relevant in the head regenerated planaria. Before the experiment, a hypothesis was made that the head end would retain the classical conditioning and the tail…

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  • Queen Hatshepsut Authority

    Queen Hatshepsut’s Authority Modern media and public education tend to be very exclusive when selecting which parts of history are most relevant to teach. So it is not abnormal that many people today are uneducated about Egypt’s first female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut. Against a backdrop of pre determined gender roles and political nepotism, like most of the world then and even now, 15th century B.C Egypt was notorious for exalting men as leaders of the land. As proper gender specific…

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  • The Impact Of Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Emperor Of Germany

    Kaiser Wilhelm II, the emperor of Germany (1888-1918), significantly impacted not only the governance of his country, Germany, but ultimately influenced the rising tensions between rival nations on an international level. Kaiser’s authoritarian upbringing caused dysfunctional relationships within his family and his British monarchy. This led to his hatred toward Britain. His erratic nature may not personally have decided that Germany should go to war, however he had put into place the structures…

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  • The Explanation Of The Lamassu: A Horned Lion

    Standing majestically with a gaze protruding from a body of “white limestone and alabaster…” (MET), the Human-headed winged lion measures up to 10 feet and 3 ½ inches in height. Also referred to as the Lamassu, the sculpture is adorned with a “horned crown” that represents a spiritual holiness. Despite the crown’s intention to convey a state of “divinity”, it is in my observation to point out how outwardly phallic the top of the Lamassu head appears. It may be a vague symbol of masculine power…

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