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  • Essay On The Gunpowder Revolution And Globalization

    language barrier. In the mid-15th century, Europe began to expand and launch out into different territories globally. The Eastern hemisphere knew very little about the Western hemisphere and vice versa. Europe was entering what is called the “Age of Discovery which is a period from the 15th to 18th century and involves overseas…

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  • Effects Of European Exploration

    trade was centered in Asia and Africa, with Europe being far removed from the lucrative business of spices and precious metals. The initial need to expand Europe originated from a desire to acquire power and secure profits. From here, a new “Age of Discovery” was set into motion. Assisted with newly developed maritime technologies, as well as patronage from growing monarchs, explorers set out to discover new sea trade routes and find riches from the unknown world. During this time of rapid…

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  • The Travels Of Marco Polo And Marco Polo And Christopher Columbus

    and colonization boom of the 16th-17th centuries permanently connected Europe and the Americas, a connection that eventually formed the modern “West.” This new global connection not only created positive effects, but it also created a few negative ones as well. The European and American perspectives vastly changed because of this new connection that was created. Before the connection came to be, Europeans believed there were multiple continents, unaware of how big the world truly was. The…

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  • Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange

    had not previously been known to either side now became staples of life for both civilizations. When most people think of Columbus’s arrival to the New World they only wish to see the immediate benefits that came out of the expedition, such as the discovery of new land, ecosystems, and crops. The most…

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  • A People´s History, And A People's History By Howard Zinn

    Though Columbus did not discover the New World; the European exploration of the Americas began with his search for a new ocean route to the East Indies. Instead of discovering this route, he found a place entirely new to Europeans; this is why they referred to it as the New World. This, of course, lead to the Europeans settling in these areas and conquering the native peoples in order to pursue their three main incentives; god, gold, and glory. Different historians have varying takes on exactly…

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  • Cristopher Columbus: The Dangers Of Christopher Columbus

    “By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination” a quote by Christopher Columbus explains how he felt after his technology failed him by leading him in the Americas and not Asia according to his plan. Christopher Columbus took part in the "Age of Discovery", which was a time during the 15th and 16th century when European leaders, starting with Portugal, sponsored the expeditions to undiscovered land in hopes of expanding their…

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  • Negative Effects Of The Age Of Exploration

    Ages, the Renaissance was a rebirth of art, education, and exploration. During the Renaissance, there was a multitude of new inventions, movements, and discoveries that were spurred by curiosity and the desire for improvements. Among these are the reformation of the traditional Catholic Church, along with the stabilization of many economies. One of the new ages was known as the Age of Exploration, where adventurers were beginning to explore new areas and lands far away. The Age of Exploration…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: CV Therapeutics

    biopharmaceutical based in California in Palo Alto. The company has employees ranging from 200 to 500. The company is involved in the development, discovery and commercialization of the drugs for treatment of diseases. The company utilizes advances registered in genetics and molecular biology to detect mechanisms of the cardiovascular diseases, as well as targeting the discovery of drugs. In addition, the company is specifically involved in the development of angina pectoris. The CV Therapeutics…

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  • Captain James Cook: English Explorer

    Italy, but Vespucci actually knew what he was doing. He travelled in the late 15th century C.E. in the name of Spain, with the mission of exploring the “New World.” He explored the Caribbean and Central American islands, with false credit for the discovery. Bartholomeu Dias: Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese mariner in the late 1400s who opened a sea route from Europe to Asia by rounding the south Africa, and clearly many explorers followed suit. Dias explored many new lands, naming them as…

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  • Research Paper On Vasco Da Gama

    The explorer Vasco da Gama w born is Sines, Portugal, around 1460. In 1497, he was commissioned by the Portuguese king to find a maritime route to the East. His success in doing so proved to be one of the more instrumental moments in the history of navigation. He made two other voyages to India, and was appointed as Portuguese in India in 1524. To embark on the journey, Da Gama pointed his ships south, taking advantage of prevailing winds along the coast of Africa. Following several months of…

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