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  • Why It Is Important To Live By A Code

    helps you identify your core values and hold strong. How do we discover our identity and hone in on our core values? In the book I am writing about preparing for marriage, I hit on the topic of identity, which is one way to identify your core values. I believe that knowing who you are at the core level involves your relationship with God. When you discover that you are God’s own child and that He loves you with everlasting love, you discover much about your mission in life and calling. This is…

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  • College Student Observation

    created. Henry David Thoreau, a well-established transcendentalist, would even write in the woods to escape from the normal life of a man in 1840 Massachusetts. Similar to the desires of many people today, he wanted to discover what was really important to him in life. In a sense, to discover everything, one must have nothing; by going into nature where there are only organic materials, things created by the earth, no room is left for one’s thoughts to be tainted by the unnatural. Both Emerson…

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  • The Cellist Of Sarajevo Analysis

    The siege of Sarajevo, the longest in the history of modern warfare, began on April 5th 1992 and ended on February 29th 1996. During the four years, the politically motivated Army of Republika Srpska, under the command of Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, dropped an average of 377 shells every single day causing damage to over 64% of the buildings and over 100,000 apartments. The Bosnian Serb army also used the hills surrounding Sarajevo to its advantage by placing snipers there who targeted…

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  • Feminist Analysis Of Susan Glaspell's Trifles

    towels, Mrs. Hale defends her neighbor from the critique of the male characters and is obviously very bothered by their comments about what kind of a women they assume Mrs. Wright to be because of them. Later in the play when our female characters discover the motive behind the murder and evidence proving it, they use their better intuition and keep it to themselves. They discovered just how badly Mrs. Wright had been oppressed by her own husband, enough to the point of her wringing his neck…

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  • Sense Of Morality In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    After he leaves, he finds himself alone and relieved he could be in a place where he didn’t have to be equal to everyone else. He discovers the word “I,” and after using this word Equality does not feel guilt or shame but feels invigorated. This becomes the final straw in Equality’s defecting from his previous life of collectivism; once he uses that word to address himself, he deems…

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  • Why Is Louis Pasteur Important

    of illnesses. In 1865 Pasteur saves the silkworms by finding out that the worms were ill and figuring out a way to fix that. In 1868 Pasteur is partially paralyzed by a small brain stroke, but Pasteur did not stop experimenting. In 1879 Pasteur discovers vaccinations. After Pasteur stroke in 1868 Pasteur paralysis had worsen and he died in 1895 ( Pasteur benefactions to the society saved many lives and Pasteur’s legacy will forever be…

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  • Analysis Of Malamud's The Magic Barrel

    contacts Pinye Salzman, a matchmaker, after reading his “two line advertisement” in the paper. With Leo’s fate in the palm of his hands, Salzman orchestrated events in ways that led Leo to discover his shortcomings and eventually find love. Leo doesn’t try to find a wife for…

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  • Lack Of Motivation In Education

    While taking the survey I came across certain beliefs that I felt very strong about. There were various beliefs that I found which I could somewhat identify with but did not hold in a very high regard. The area of teaching, learning, and motivation is not something that is completely foreign to me. Although I do not function as a teacher or instructor in any official capacity, I have had many experiences serving as one. Likewise, my journey in the military has afforded me the opportunity to be a…

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  • Technology Challenges Essay

    10 problems or opportunities facing the world today and the technologies that can help solve them I don’t personally believe any of these problems or opportunities to be great than others so this list will be in no particular order. I hope that our future is bright and that we will be able to utilize technology well enough to solve each of these. ▪ World Hunger – agricultural advances that will increase efficiency in farming and can increase water resources, development of crops that can…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Influence On Olaudah Equiano

    Benjamin Franklin was born to a large family, at a young age he was taken out of school to work. Looking back at this later, he regrets his lack of formal education. His abhorrence to the field of work he was placed in allowed him a realm of discovery to find a field that better suited him. Olaudah Equiano was a young boy happily living in a tribal part of Africa. Equiano was uprooted from all that he knew, he writes that he had been “the greatest favourite of his mother, and was always with…

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