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  • Slaughter's Essay 'Why Women Still Can' T Have It All

    I have often wondered about the it in the statement, you can have it all. What does it mean to have it all? In the essay “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, Anne-Marie Slaughter, an international lawyer, a foreign policy analyst, former Dean of Princeton, and the Director of Policy Planning of the U.S State Department, elaborates on what it is to her when she describe the reasons she why had to leave the job of her dreams focus more on her family. She discusses the inequalities between men and women, which occurs throughout the workforce (especially women with children). Slaughter implicates the current status of the economy as well as the way big corporations are the reasons why there is such a wide gender gap at the top of the corporate…

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  • The Importance Of Strategic Planning

    Planning is the most important managerial function. It is the process of deciding in advance what needs to be done in the future. Logically, planning must come before any other functions because it determines the framework in which the other management functions are carried out. The only way healthcare organizations can survive is to forecast the future, plan rationally, and prepare for change (Dunn, 2015). Another strategic planning process that illustrates how the SFDPH is aligning its future…

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  • Panama Canal Analysis

    First and foremost, I had a front row seat to how the legislative process was accomplished. From sponsoring a bill, to voting in committee, all the way up to then Governor Steve Beshear signing the bill, Representative Santoro allotted me the opportunity to observe how public policy is developed. Additionally, I gained valuable skills in communicating to the public how the government is working to improve their lives and empower society. My main responsibility while interning for Rep. Santoro…

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  • Assistant Director Research Paper

    The Assistant Director is responsible for the supervision and management of Kay’s Childcare Center in accordance with the goals and curriculum plans. The principal duties of the assistant director include to assist and support the Director with the overall Preschool management to promote the development of each child's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in a safe, nurturing environment and be ready to assume the Director's responsibilities in the Director's absence.…

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  • Virginia Budgeting

    Planning and Budgeting for the State of Virginia The planning and budget in the Virginia Commonwealth is an important factor in our daily lives. The Virginia Planning and Budget tells how the Commonwealth is spending or allocating monies to different state agencies. An important factor to me is how this affects many households within the Virginia. The employees of the state of Virginia feels the effects of the planning and budget because the state agencies by not getting annually raises and…

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  • O Dell Strategic Plan

    Communication is a very intricate part of a successful strategic plan. Relating to the board of directors, medical staff, frontline employees and the community about the strategic plan and how it relates to the mission and vision of the organization is an important aspect of the strategic planning process. During this process, of the strategic planning, the strengths and weakness analysis, and the objectives of the organization are evaluated. The following avenues can be used to communicate the…

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  • Nonprofit Organization Case Study

    Nonprofit organization manager’s decisions depend on the boards of directors, the board of director members are responsible for overseeing and supporting nonprofit financial management, plans, and other decisions. The board members ensure the use of financial donations according with contributors’ agreement and the case mission statement. Therefore, a great system of safeguarding a legal or wise monetary management is through documentations, such as, financial policies. A conflict of Interest…

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  • The Importance Of Global Marketing Strategy

    argued that companies meet greater efficiency and economies of scale when there is an effective coordination of marketing policies within all the divisions of a multinational corporation. Coordination of country division by the headquarters is more productive for multinational corporations dealing with consumer goods than when the divisions are left to make sole decisions. By its absence, marketing is conspicuous from the roles which can be implemented at the corporate headquarters level. A…

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  • Gerontology Profession Case Study

    Concentration are prepared to fill a variety of challenging positions. Graduates are ready to fill managerial and administrative positions in gerontology related to supervision, policy analysis, facility management and health care corporate planning. Geriatric Social Work Supervisor Geriatric social work supervisors provide, direct and coordinate care programs for older adults and geriatric patients. This may include intake assessments, collaborative care planning and service evaluation of…

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  • Discuss How Fiscal Planning And Strategic Planning Are Related.

    considering the future for growth, and more money (Marquis, 2015). “It is imperative therefore, that long-range plans be flexible, permitting change as external forces assert their impact on health care-care facilities” (Marquis, 2015 p. 140). Visionary leaders reflect the future, and decide what needs to happen and what the organization will look like in the future from a competitive standpoint. Are you aware of your organization’s strategic plan? Are nurse leaders involved in the planning…

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