Differences Between America and Vietnam Essay

  • Similarities And Differences Between America And Vietnam

    Education in Vietnam and America Every country in the world has a lot of difference about the culture, food and education. For example, America and Vietnam are two distinctive countries with many difference. The culture, beliefs and practices of the people are different. However, as the world becomes more global, the people has adopted different customs, while at the same time maintain some of the elements of their own culture. There are several similarities and differences between America and Vietnam such as the education system, which includes technology, transportation, uniform, food services and teaching, technology. The first, an important similarity is the education. Both America and Vietnam are developing countries with advanced education. The students go through twelve years of basic education beginning at the kindergarten level. America and Vietnam have policies intended to improve the education system, and the student performance. Schools in both countries have set regulation and rules which they expect the teachers and students to follow. For example, both countries want to improve people’s general knowledge. Another similarity between America and Vietnam is advanced education and technology for students such as computer labs, laptops, radios and projectors. Both countries want to give their students the best education. To accomplish best education practices both countries provide more computers and projectors in every class. Schools in both countries have…

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  • High School System In Vietnam Essay

    Have you ever thought what the differences are between Asia and America? Vietnam, which is the country in Asia, compared to United States, which located in America, are different in many aspects such as size, population, weather, economy and especially there is a gap between the public high school system in Vietnam and the system in the United States. The purpose of teaching everywhere is similar: to educate youth. However, there are many different aspects that make each of the systems special.…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between French And Vietnam War

    conflicts. First, the colonial French fought Viet Minh forces in an effort to maintain control over their Indochinese colonies. Lastly, the United States would get involved in Vietnam in an attempt to prop up the southern Republic of Vietnam against the communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The following will be a brief summary that compares and contrasts the French and American conflicts in Vietnam by looking at motives for the wars, how the territorial boundaries of the war were…

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  • The Juuxtaposition Of World War II And The Vietnam War

    World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and several other smaller or unofficial engagements. The use of propaganda acts as a common thread that ties all these military actions together. Countries rely on propaganda during wartime for a variety of reasons. Among other things, propaganda can motivate soldiers to fight, instill a strong hatred for the enemy, or drum up support on the home front for the war effort. Propaganda is a key tool utilized by warring nations,…

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  • The Importance Of Learning In History

    The United States of America has had a complex history. Throughout its history it has done many things that its people are proud of and many things that its people are not so proud of. The U.S.A as a country cannot forget about the things the U.S. have done badly in the past but, rather, the U.S. must talk and learn the issues and problems so that Americans can learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. I believe that there are three very important lessons that our country can learn from…

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  • The Vietnam War: Causes Of The Vietnam War

    Vietnam War is one of the wars that United States of America was a part of during the cold war to fight against the communism. Frdrick Dowes throghout his book says that this war was a surprise to him and he didnt expect so much brutality to happen. The war lasted for more than 20 years from 1954-1975 according to encyclopeadia britanicca and was one of the biggest indochina wars.The war itself had many casualties that even caused uprisings in the homefront. There are still veterans who have not…

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  • President John F. Kennedy And Vietnam's War In The Vietnam War

    The war in Vietnam was surprised and it happened in the mid-1960s and it had change the American political life. American tries to figure out why Vietnam attacked them but they could not figure out because American was peaceful and they do not fight with no foreign country. In the Vietnam War, American President involve only the public speeches and private letters. On the other hand, many American People support on this war to win. Soldiers got shock about foreigner attack on this war. In this…

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  • Common Causes And Effects Of The Vietnam And Korean War

    The Cold War (1947 – 1991) was fought between the two powerful nations, United States and the Soviet Union. However, there was never any direct contact between the two nations. In these two wars, the United States fought for capitalism and the Soviet Union fought for communism. They are not participate in the war but incitement to war - the United States and the Soviet using the proxy war to fighting with each other. During the Cold War, the two examples of proxy wars are the Korean and…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Cold War And War On Terror

    massacre at My Lai, Vietnam, which happened on March 16, 1968. Soldiers entered this area believing it housed scores of Vietcong fighters. In reality, there were not any enemy fighter at My Lai and the soldiers ended up killing 500 Vietnamese civilians. Another example was the massacre at Haditha, Iraq, which happened on November 19 2005. A convoy of Marines and supplies hit an Improvised explosive device (IED) leading to the death of one marine. This lead to the killing of 28 Iraqi civilians…

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  • Involvement In Vietnam

    Similarities and differences of Vietnam from other U.S. foreign interventions The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War was a Cold war-era proxy war fought between 1950 and 1975. It was a long drawn out and complex war that resulted in high casualties on each side along with the eventually unification of Vietnam. It marked the end of a decades of invasion and oppression by foreign forces in Vietnam. The French colonized the region in 1887 and held on until World War Two when the…

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