Diamond Aircraft Industries

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  • Water Pollution And The Blood Diamond Industry

    comes to being eco-friendly. Companies should make every attempt to follow the guidance of the Global Compact and use innovative technologies to prevent environmental damages. For example, many involved in the diamond industry are pursuing the expansion of synthetic or lab grown diamonds, which would eradicate the need for mining…

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  • Traditional Marriage

    The crisp, clear sparkle of a diamond ring has long represented the sanctity of marriage. The traditional diamond engagement ring holds along with the white wedding gown, the exchanged possession of the bride, the requisite of virginity as well as a life of inferiority and obligation for the bride. As women continue to break free from the many chains that have bound them for so very long, our societal ties to this vacant gemstone should be torn as well. With so many lovely gemstones that shine…

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  • PESTEL And Five Forces Analysis Of Debeers's Diamond

    This paper corresponds to case study of DeBeers’s Diamond Dilemma in which I have performed PESTEL and Five Forces Analysis of DeBeers’s Diamond. DeBeers has two aims; to be the top company of diamond seller and make diamond available for everyone in the market. In the first part I’ve executed PESTEL Analysis on the DeBeers prevailing confronting position and focused on the significant troubles that DeBeers needs to ascertain its resolution. PESTEL analysis refers to a framework that marketers…

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  • Diamond Value Of Diamonds

    association with love and beauty are what make diamonds so precious. The fascination with diamonds isn't a modern-day phenomenon. Their history is entwined with the history of the world itself. A Roman naturalist in the first century AD described a diamond as "...the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world." Every ton of rock yields barely a half a carat of diamonds, which makes mining a long and arduous process. By slipping a diamond on your finger you not…

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  • Moissanite Jewellery Industry Essay

    moissanite jewellery industry and its global market Moissanite is used as an alternative to diamond jewellery. It is regarded at par with diamond when compared on the basis of quality and physical properties. Moreover, moissanite glitter more than diamond due to a higher refractive index and is as hard as diamond. A layman may barely distinguish between the two and mostly a distinction can be drawn through a laboratory test. However, the moissanite jewellery is cheaper in comparison to diamond…

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  • Blood Diamond Book Report

    Sierra leone is a very poor country but it has a large amount of diamonds and these diamond should have brought wealth to the country and its people. Instead these diamond were used to fuel a war starting in 1991 to 2001.The people during the blood diamond civil war in sierra leone were used as slave by the R.U.F to mine diamonds and were put through very poor living conditions. This is similar to Wiesel 's experiences in the holocaust in night because he was put into a work camp and was also…

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  • Melbourne's Courtesy Of The Gold Rush

    Our beloved city, Melbourne has celebrated her 180th birthday this year. One hundred and eighty years ago in June 1835, the tall ship Enterprize sailed up the Yarra River. Landing a party of five men, one woman, a cat, stores and livestock on the northern bank headed by John Batman. Recording in his diary John described what he saw: "About six miles up, found the river all good water and very deep. This will be the place for a village”. Thus a fledgling settlement had begun. For almost…

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  • Clear Quartz

    Introduction Quartz is one of the most plentiful minerals on earth, and it is found in various igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Clear Quartz is composed of pure silicon dioxide, and has nearly smooth sides with naturally faceted points at one or both ends. Clear Quartz is also known by the name Ice Crystal, which was derived from the Greek word “krystallos,” which means “icy cold.” (1) Greek philosopher’s believed that this crystal was water frozen so hard that it could never thaw.…

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  • Michael's Bridal Shop: A Short Story

    “It’s sure covered with large stones. Are they real?” asked Lacy as her eyes widened. “Where did you get this?” “Yes, Lacy. Chris doesn’t have money for a diamond engagement ring so we are going to exchange small gold bands. This pin belonged to his…

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  • The Handmaid's Tale: A Narrative Fiction

    She had in her grasp two large suitcases, she soon came out wheeling the overloaded suitcases, Leonard looked at her, "Do I want to know what you have in those?" Annette looked at him, "Dude, my fashions, and best diamonds come with me, I have your payment in the zipper in the front, did you think I would have you risk your freedom without giving you something for it?" Leonard got the luggage from her she opened a door and the two of them were in the gardens of the…

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