Diabetes mellitus

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  • Type 1, And Kidney Diseases

    towards the individual. These issues can vary in existence. Diabetes mellitus, often shortened to diabetes, refers to a group of diseases that affect the body’s usage of glucose (Torpy, 2011). Torpy (2011) defines glucose as the sugar acting as source of energy for the muscle cells, tissue cells and the brain. The two prominent forms of diabetes are called type 1 and type 2, and gestational diabetes. I am going to focus on type 1 and type 2 diabetes as they carry considerable long term effects. …

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  • Homeostatic System Essay

    The purpose of the homeostatic system is to maintain a stable environment despite fluctuations in the external environment, homeostasis meaning ‘same state’. Glucose homeostasis refers to maintaining blood glucose levels in the human body. Glucose is one of the most important energy sources. For various tissues in the body, such as the brain, glucose is the only substance used. It is important that there is a continuous supply of glucose for this reason. For homeostasis of the internal…

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  • Community Health Assessment For Diabetes

    Community Health Assessment for Saline County, Kansas African-American Population and Diabetes Introduction Diabetes cost 245 billion in 2012 within the United States, with 176 billion towards direct medical cost and 69 billion towards reduced productivity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). The overall numbers of diabetes and prediabetes reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals 29.1 million American or 9.3% of the population diagnosed. The…

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  • How Does Diabetes Affect The Human Body

    system. There are thousands of diseases that can affect your body immensely. The various diseases, such as diabetes, can sometimes be life threatening. Diabetes is a serious life-long disease that affects the lives of many men, women, and children. If you are overweight, have a family history of diabetes, or not physically active, you can be at risk for diabetes. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder caused by high levels of glucose in the blood. It occurs when the body is in…

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  • The Causes And Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a long term disease that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin to help sugar break down effectively. Sugars in the blood are turned into glucose when the body is working properly. The glucose travels through the blood stream and turns it into energy. Otherwise, if the pancreas doesn’t regularly produce insulin, that causes the first complications to the body. Furthermore, the irregularity can result in severe problems with every organ carried inside the human body.…

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  • Type 1 Diabetes: A Case Study

    ANSWER 1 IDDM: Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease, which starts to develop in childhood it was known as juvenile onset as well. It is a progressive destruction of autoimmune pancreatic beta cells depending upon the individuals. Genetically individuals develop islets of autoantibodies from months to years before diagnosing type 1 diabetes. Glucose level is increased as the body starts to produce low level of insulin and glucose is eliminated in the form of urine. Weight loss, frequent…

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  • Relationship Of Costus Speciosus (J. König)

    Costus speciosus (J.König)sm is a widely used medicinal plant in Ayurvedic medicine. Scientific literature prove about various therapeutic properties of its rhizome and leaves. The effectiveness of Costus speciosus (J.König)sm leaf aqueous extract on reversing insulin resistance was studied and data were published previously. This study was designed to evaluate the dose-response relationship of Costus speciosus (J.König)sm leaf aqueous extract. Insulin resistance induced rats were treated with…

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  • Survival Of The Sickest By Moalem

    Have you ever wondered why you are more susceptible to a cold than a classmate who may be of a different race? It may be a result of natural selection as it impacts people living in certain countries, making them able to withstand weather or deadly diseases in their environment. However, all good things come at a cost. In Survival of the Sickest, Dr. Sharon Moalem explains that certain diseases that might affect people later in life have actually guided human evolution, enabling the species to…

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  • Chest Pain Case Study

    II. Health Problems for Further Assessment and Follow-up Chronic Respiratory Disease Based on Mr. Jim’s history of cigarette smoking, the chronic respiratory disease that he could be suffering from is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is primarily caused by cigarette smoking and is typified by partially reversible, progressive airway obstruction, systemic manifestations, lung inflation, and increased severity and frequency of exacerbations (O’Donnell et al. 2007, p. 5). Jim’s…

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  • Atherosclerosis Essay

    Atherosclerosis is a cardio vascular disease that is described when the arteries thin and toughen. This disease starts when the endiolethem lining in the body gets hurt. It can be caused by multiple things such as smoking, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Over time, a clutter of cholesterol and white blood cells make a panel in the artery. The symptoms do not usually show until older age, but it can cause pain or blood clots. This disease can also cause people to have strokes. Most of…

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