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  • The Cause Of Earthquakes In Developing Countries

    that over 200 000 buildings were damaged during the quake, some of these damaged buildings caused the 6000 fatalities resulting from the disaster. Similar damage statistics have been recorded in other developing countries such as Pakistan, Haiti and Indonesia. On the other hand, developed countries are struck by earthquakes of the same magnitude but the damage and fatalities are significantly lower. For example, Chile was struck by a whopping 8.8 magnitude earthquake in 2010 but lost only 600…

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  • Armed Conflicts In Developing Countries

    frequency consequence of violence against civilians, armed conflict is also straightforwardly linked to world poverty. Majority of the armed conflicts of post-World War II have occurred in developing countries, from the commencement of the Cold War to the early 1990s, the amount of armed conflicts in developing countries rose surprisingly with an overwhelming momentum. (Human Security Report 2005). Asia and Africa have the largest concentration of violent conflict where both regions account…

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  • Role Of Malnutrition In Developing Countries

    Secondary Malnutrition in Developing Countries Many developing countries suffer from poverty and malnutrition due to a variety of social, political, economic, and environmental affairs. Impoverish nations tend to lack resources required to ensure the wellbeing of citizens, putting everyone at risk of malnutrition. One of the four types of malnutrition affecting developing countries is secondary malnutrition, defined as “a condition or illness that prevents proper digestion or absorption”…

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  • Poverty Rates In Developing Countries

    Poverty rates in developing countries continue to inflate enormously. Countries such as Niger and Burundi are faced with an epidemic of continued poverty and no improvement in sight. Several factors affect the rate of poverty in developing countries. The primary factors that significantly improve or deteriorate poverty rates in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Niger, and Burundi are the mean years a women spends in school and the average age of a woman 's first marriage. In perspective, the…

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  • TRIMS: Not Fair For Developing Countries

    can be grouped into three part: measures used to promote exports from the host country (export) performance requirements and trade balancing requirements), measures to reduce imports by the foreign investor (local content requirements), and measures to promote job creation and technology transfer. The aim of this measures is to control investment policies. However, the TRIMS seems to be not fair for developing countries because there is a restriction to use a local content. For instance, if a…

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  • Child Marriages In Developing Countries

    are totally aware of. This is practiced in many developing countries, and is considered cultural or religious to the indigenous people. Child marriages or “arranged marriages” can start when the girl is as young as five years old. This sad reality is happening in our world today. A few issues go into making child marriages possible, gender inequality, poverty, culture and religion are all reasons why child marriages happen in several developing countries. Child marriage goes against all human…

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  • Climate Duties In Developing Countries

    Climate Duties A few developed countries do most greenhouse gas emissions but the effects of these gasses are shared equally around the world and even at times developing countries are the ones that suffer the most (Harris, 2010). In the year currently, the top emitters of greenhouse gasses are the United States with 16.5 emissions per capita followed by China (developing country) with 7.6 per capita and the European Union with 6.7 per capita. A total of ten largest greenhouse gas emitters…

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  • Child Poverty In Developing Countries

    Children have the right to develop and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Children have the right to quality respectful care, education, protection and dry shelter. Implications of these aspects influence ones quality of life. To be protected from any form of neglect, abuse and maltreatment is the child’s right (Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), 2014; United Nation, 1989). This literature review encompasses an array of research articles and articles in regards to…

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  • Globalization And Poverty

    the other hand, refers to the scarcity of resources or a situation where a country or a person lacks a given amount of resources. It is a condition where a nation lacks the necessities to enjoy the…

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  • The Challenges Of The Millennium Development Goals

    with the statement “The Millennium Development Goals will only end up being the latest failure by the developed world to live up to undertakings they make the developing world” because they impact and change developing countries. The Millennium Development was created by world leaders to improve the standards of under developing countries and continue to increase its promises by the time frame projected. The Millennium Development Goals also known as (MDGs) was agreed upon by the many world…

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