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  • Detective Page's Murder: A Short Story

    “Was it Chris? Was it maybe Mooney? Or maybe it was Clancy. No no no, Nick! Nick did it! Maybe he’s not so innocent after all!” But Page could not come to a conclusion. She felt like she was falling apart. And just then, it hit her like a bullet. Detective Page had found out who the murderer was. While driving to the last place she expected she would go to bust a murderer, she thought about what would actually happen.Would anybody believe her? What if she was wrong? For the first time in her…

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  • Murder On The Ballarat Train Analysis

    1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith and Murder on the Ballarat Train by Kate Dennis are extremely different kinds of Detective Fiction and therefore contain some key differences. In McCall Smith’s text, the crimes are not as significant compared to those in Dennis’. Also, in Smith’s text, the criminals are not as worthy as those found in Dennis’. Both texts have very memorable detectives for different reasons. These texts are definitely on opposite ends of the detective fiction…

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  • Analysis Of The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Detective stories are one of the most complicated genres there are. With a good detective story comes many aspects: a good crime, a thorough investigation, some red herrings to throw the reader off, and a lot of action. But, most of all, detective stories need a good and qualified detective at the helm. Easily the most famous of all detectives in the genre and possibly the world is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Being the most enduring character of detective stories, he is known for…

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  • Dashiell Hammett's Use Of Corruption In The Movie Brick

    “Private Eye” or tough “Hard-boiled” private investigator detective fiction is the classification most dominated by American writers (Mansfield-Kelly 205). One of the founders and innovators of the private investigator is Dashiell Hammett. And is also “The most influential figure in the structuring of hard-boiled detective fiction,” (Mansfield-Kelly 229). He wrote the first tough-guy detective in “The Gutting of Couffignal”, named Continental OP and wrote The Maltese Falcon (Mansfield-Kelly 229)…

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  • Analysis Of The Novel The Pledge

    The novel The Pledge is originally subtitled Requiem for the Detective Novel. In what way is The Pledge a traditional detective novel and in what way is it not? Discuss. The Pledge is a crime novella written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt in the 1950’s. Since it was originally subtitled Requiem for the Detective Novel, this raises the question – how is it so different from other novels in the same genre? This question will be answered in this essay by thoroughly analyzing the plot as well as the…

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  • Pinkerton Detective Agency In The Civil War

    motto of Allan Pinkerton’s detective agency. Pinkerton led these spies in the South where they “Didn’t sleep”, discovering more and more tactical information on the South’s plans to win the Civil War. In the USA a great war would soon begin a war that would separate the young nation, and would create the North and the South (Confederacy). The war would begin on April 12, 1861, and the main reason for this war was slavery. Spies such as Allan Pinkerton and the “Detective Agency” in the North,…

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  • The Rue Morgue Analysis

    In the opening of Poe’s tales we are introduced to detective Dupin through a description of his character in ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, and by a description of his character’s actions in ‘The Purloined Letter’ by the narrator, the detective’s partner, who in this case remains nameless. Immediately after that we are made aware that a crime has been committed. To solve the crime one must have the ability to put oneself in the criminal’s mind and understand things from their perspective. In…

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  • The Knight And Culverhouse Essay

    compared to the works of Mark Edward, Stephen Leather, or Simon Kernick. The novels feature two protagonists Detective Sargent Wendy Knight and Detective Chief Inspector Jack Culverhouse. Over the course of the books, the two detectives are involved in the investigation of a series of bizarre murders that more or less look like serial killings. But what makes the Knight and Culverhouse…

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  • Literary Techniques In The Moonstone, By Wilkie Collins

    Detective fiction nowadays is taken for granted as a trite genre, abundant in any library collection. However, in Victorian England, this genre was completely undeveloped. In 1868, Wilkie Collins wrote The Moonstone, which served as a remarkable testament to his creative brilliance, for the novel single hardly inaugurated a new genre; one of suspense and mystery. His innovative use of the novel as a historical citation with multiple narrators showed his literary prowess and vision as a writer.…

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  • Anne Frasier's Pretty Dead

    Anne Frasier's Pretty Dead is the third book in the mystery series about Elise Sandburg, a homicide detective with an eye for the supernatural. The book takes place in the enigmatic setting of Savannah, Georgia, where a twisted serial killer is killing prostitutes and drug addicts. Once his daughter becomes the latest in the long line of victims, the mayor starts demanding justice; as a result, the police assigns Elise and her partner David Gould to the case. Their task is far from a walk in…

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