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  • Description Of Louise Illustrated In Chopin's The Awakening

    The author’s physical description of Louise again reflects the inner restraint that she had endured throughout her life. Louise is a woman who was not able to express her needs, longings or individuality; her appearance also reveals her mundane past. Her face is described as “young and calm,” this is because she never experienced the independence and maturity needed to give it character. Chopin described Louise as having a face “whose lines bespoke repression” -- she is portrayed as having a…

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  • Conflict: An Accurate Description Of My Family

    Loud;Boisterous;Rowdy. But also fun; close;and happy. This is an accurate description of my family, my large and ebullient family that consists of my mother and father, and my four siblings:Nina, Michael, Stella, and Sara. Growing up in such a large family you learn very quickly the concept of conflict management. Conflict management is the process of limiting the pejorative aspects of conflicts. In a family where you have so many eccentric and strongly individual personalities confined to…

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  • Description Of The Organization: Verizon Business Analysis

    A1. Description of the Organization Verizon Wireless is known for their quality of service across the United States and for their outstanding customer service experience. Verizon Wireless was founded on June 30, 2000 by Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corporations (Verizon Communications, 2018). The merge with Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. was one of the largest merger business agreement to date. Before the merger GTE Corp. was one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with more…

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  • Analysis Of Aristotle's Description Of Women In Society

    In Aristotle’s description of women in society, he indicates the reasons why men are more dominant than women in societal affairs and hence its structure. As human history has shown repetitively since its formation, this has been the case. “The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; the one rules and the other is ruled.” Therefore, Aristotle is simple detailing actuality and nature. Men have imposed their strength and will in society over women, slaves and inferior cultures. To…

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  • Project Description: Beditor (Better Editor)

    Project Description Beditor (Better Editor)* is an iPhone app that will take the complexity out of the process of editing and sharing the photos from the user’s phone. iPhones are known for being able to take DSLR quality photos. Thousands of photos are taken, edited, and shared on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook everyday. Rarely are photos taken and immediately uploaded, users want to edit their photos to make them look even better, but today most photo editing apps…

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  • Description: The Duel From Electric Dreams '

    Artifact 1: The Duel from “Electric Dreams” (Steve Barron. 1984) Description: Madeline Robistat (Virginia Madsen) is practicing on her cello in her apartment for a later Orchestra performance she has. An advanced computer owned by Miles Harding ( Lenny Von Dohlen), her neighbor, who lives in the apartment just right below. As Madeline starts to practice on her Cello, the computer while being left on by Miles begins to repeat the tunes that she created using electronic computer sounds that…

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  • Meta Description: The Ring Doorbell Camera

    Meta Description: The Ring Doorbell Camera replaces your doorbell and provides video-recording and motion alerts at your main door, even when away from home. Introduction The Ring Video Doorbell is a new and innovative twist of the traditional analogue internet-enabled surveillance cameras. The gadget comes with easy-to-use application that you can install in your tablet or smartphone to view your guests by simply pressing a button. You will use to talk to your visitors at the main gate via…

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  • The Biblical Description Of Hell In Dante's Inferno

    Dante’s Inferno he travels through the depths of Hell and describes what exactly it will look like and feel like and ultimately be like. However is this depiction actually accurate? In multiple areas Dante’s inferno seems to build off the biblical description of hell, but it lacks pure facts, and remains to be a fictional story, because of Dante’s lack of understanding of the Bible and his heavy roman catholic influence (Trotter). Furthermore, there are multiple similarities between the two…

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  • Description Of The Valley Of Ashes In The Great Gatsby

    After the post war of World War I, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel The Great Gatsby in the year of 1925 to comprehend the economic struggles on achieving the American Dream in regards of class statuses. Some readers can argue that The Great Gatsby fails to establish a true development of what the American Dream really is, while other readers can argue Fitzgerald did accomplished the definition of an American Dream. From the rising 1920s, the idealistic view for an American Dream enticed the…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Personal Description Of Diversity

    single allegiance. However, the way we perceive and shape our minds to perceive diversity is at large shaped by our places of origin, parenthood and levels of interaction with respect to diversity. This paper is aimed at discussing my own personal description of diversity, how I perceive diversity, my family…

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