Demography of Afghanistan

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  • The Kite Runner Personal Reflection

    incredibly well written book, once I picked it up I drove right into it, I found it extremely hard to put down. It follows the life of Amir and his best friend, Hassan growing up in Kabul, Afghanistan prior to the invasions. The writing itself was good as the author creates a warm depiction of a warm and homey Afghanistan before the coup, Soviet invasion and Taliban control. But it did leave me with a flurry of mixed emotions in which I could not fully grasp. The main character Amir, while…

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  • Analysis: From Hammer And Anvil To Drones

    From Hammer and Anvil to Drones. Early in the War the United States wanted Pakistan to act as Anvil while it hammers Taliban and Afghan fighters in Afghanistan. Since the border on the Paksitani side was not guarded, Taliban and Al Qaeda Militants managed to sneak into their hideouts in Waziristan. Many operations like “operation Apollo”, “Operation Anaconda” and “Battle of Tora Bora” hammerd Taliban but the anvil simply wasn’t there (refrence…

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  • Class Structure In Afghani's The Kite Runner

    Hassan may help, but Amir is the one who claims the victory. Hassan, the catcher of the fallen kites retrieves them and brings them to Amir, to who it belongs. In the violence of kite fighting, it seems to represent the rage in social status in Afghanistan. Despite win or loss, it is something that brings the boys together, making them a team. It allows the boys to momentarily escape the differences and enjoy something they…

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  • Analysis Of Terror Mandated By Mark Jergensmeyer

    The film moreover portrayed the Taliban as more of an unorganized group. This was very obvious during the operation that the Taliban led against the Americans when Quraishi was present. The Taliban lacked the required technology that would allow them to detect oncoming Americans. Instead, they had to depend on the human eye. Most of their bombs did not go off as well. When this happened it was easy for the members to turn on one another, blaming each other for what had happened. This indicated a…

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  • Anisa Karam Research Paper

    Nine year old, Anisa Karam* stood at the door of her small house in Kabul, Afghanistan and had to watch her father be dragged to the sidewalk outside. The members of the Taliban who had come to the door said they had orders to kill him because he had continued to allow his daughter to go to school. For them, it was not enough that she was no longer able to go, but that someone had disobeyed them with a decision like this. Nearing nine o’clock at night, they shot him in the middle of the walkway.…

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  • Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini: An Analysis

    returned to Afghanistan. Due to these facts Farid was correct in saying to Amir “You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it.” In Afghanistan there are many different ethnic groups. During the time Amir was growing…

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  • I Am Malala Book Report

    The book that I chose for my summer reading project was I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai. It focused on life in the Middle East, specifically in Swat, Pakistan. This book showed a striking perspective from a young woman who told about life growing up in Pakistan and her fight for education against the Taliban. In the beginning of the book, Malala talks about the history of her country, such as past leaders, dictators, conflicts, and more to give the reader a sense of Pakistan’s past. Throughout…

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  • Afghanistan Family Essay

    History: Throughout history, Afghanistan has been used a gateway from Europe through to Asia, due to where it is situated. Many tribes and cultures have passed through, and made it their home. Those included Persians, under Darius the Great as well as the Greeks who were brought over by Alexander the Great; this all come about around 323-522 BCE. Throughout 699-700 Islam became a part of Afghanistan, due to an Arab invasion in Kandahar. Within the 13th century, Genghis Khan (the founder of the…

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  • How Did Ashoka Change The Maurya Empire

    Ashoka(304-232BCE),was the third Indian emperor of the Maurya Dyansty. He was said as one of the greatest king in the Indian history. Under his control, the empire extended its territories and became the largest to have ever existed in the acient Indian subcontinent, The Maurya Empire(322-185 BCE) was ruled by the Mauryan dynasty. The empire is known for its military strength, highly organized and powerful political in ancient India. Ashoka was better leader than previous kings due to the fact…

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  • My Feudal Lord Analysis

    A Psychological Analysis of Ghulam Mustafa Khar on the Basis of “My Feudal Lord” Research Objective My Feudal Lord is an autobiography of Tehmina Durrani highlighting her marriage with the famous political figure of Pakistan Ghulam Mustafa Khar also known as the “Lion of Punjab”. She openly talks about the fourteen years of emotional and physical abuse she endured in this marriage on the hands of Mustafa Khar . The political leader who may otherwise seem very charming and charismatic to the…

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