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  • The Importance Of Funding Schemes In Seaport Development

    1. Background Indonesia is an archipelagic state, located strategically between two oceans and two continents made it plays an important role in connectivity of sea transport, particularly in Malacca Straits with other neighbouring counties. Moreover, it is one of the largest maritime country in the world with more than 17 thousand islands and more than 95 thousand km of coastline. With the shape of the island nation, sea transport plays an important role in the implementation of the country 's…

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  • Indonesia Cultural Analysis

    Indonesia is part of Southern Asia culture cluster which holds values in strong family connections and a deep concern for their communities. (West,2016) Provided is a picture that shows the overall cluster’s societal practices and values. “For the overall cluster’s societal practices are high on group collectivism (5.87), power distance (5.39), and humane orientation (4.72) and low on gender egalitarianism (3.28). The other cultural dimensions are rated in the mid-range, around an average of 4.…

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  • The Influence Of The Coffee Industry In Indonesia

    Indonesia is a country that has experienced more than enough colonization, exploitation, and the like over its extensive history. Part of what the Dutch called the “East Indies”, which Columbus mistook as being where he first landed in the New World, is now modern Indonesia. Not only has Indonesian culture and economic standing been influenced by this history, but much of its industry was also spurred by the Dutch during their over 200-year reign, leading to the development of tropical exotic…

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  • Participatory Ergonomics Case Study

    Abstract. The main barrier in implementing Participatory Ergonomics in Indonesian tin mining companies are concluded as a difficulty in communication among roles (owner, manager, and worker), workers’ negative attitudes towards and lack of knowledge in the use of personal protective equipment. The study reveals some identified problems and possible solutions to those specific problems in communication, culture, and knowledge. The study suggested that regular working safety dissemination through…

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  • Causes And Forms Of Environmental Pollution In Indonesia

    With both a growing population and a booming industrial economy the country of Indonesia is experiencing rapidly growing pollution issues, including: mass deforestation, smog, water pollution, and various other forms of environmental destruction. As a poverty ridden nation lead by a government with too little resources at its disposal the issues of extreme pollution are often put on hold to other societal issues. In Indonesia, many forms of environmental pollution / destruction are not only…

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  • Nationalism Of Indonesia Case Study

    Nationalism and Terrorism In Indonesia, nationalism is based on Kebangkitan Nasional Indonesia, or “National Awakening of Indonesia” during the first half of the twentieth century. This movement led to the Indonesian National Revolution against the Dutch, culminating in the country’s independence in 1949. Today, modern Indonesia reflects on the figures, language, and literature of this movement as the basis of their nation, particularly in the post-Suharto era. Indonesia attempts to portray…

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  • Paragraph About Bukit Tinggi

    TOPIC 2 : BUKIT TINGGI PAHANG i. Introduction : Bukit Tinggi is a highalnd that located at the Bentong district of Pahang in Malaysia. In recent years, Bukit Tinggi Highland is considered as the newest highlands in Malaysia apart from some well-known highlands such as Genting Highland, Kundasang, Cameron Highland and Fraser’s Hill. The founder of Berjaya Groups, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun bought 16000 acres of tropical forest at the Bukit Tinggi Pahang and he tends to make Bukit…

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  • Analysis Of Jalan Ke Makkaah

    INTRODUCTION I read ‘Road to Mecca’ in Indonesia version. ‘Jalan ke Makkah’ was translated by Fuad Hashem. Although it is in Indonesia, it makes me more understand and feel the story rather than in English version. However, there is a little bit difficult for me to digest certain Indonesian word. But it is not hinder me to follow the story and the lesson that the writers want to enlighten. I learn a lot of lesson from the journey of Muhammad Asad. Although in the beginning of my reading, I feel…

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  • Eco Shop Marketing In The Philippines Case Study

    With the great opportunities to affect the long last socioeconomic, political and cultural reform has make the Philippines stands on the acme of the new era of prosperity. Philippines require a dynamic local consumer market and attract foreign investment by investors outside of the country in key growth industries. Strategic location of Philippines which flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea makes it a critical point to some 500 million people in the ASEAN market. Therefore,…

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  • Influence Of Indian Culture In Indonesia

    citizens did not form Indonesian culture alone. Influence from around the world helped shaped Indonesian culture. One country that influenced the majority of Indonesian culture was India. Indian explorers were sent to Indonesia for the sole purpose of trade. Trade between India and Indonesia opened a pathway for Indonesians to be aware about the different aspects of Indian culture through Indian Hinduism. Indonesia’s awareness of Indian Hinduism influenced the order of Indonesian society in such…

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