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  • Penang Port Case Study

    location. Penang Port has a good network with Thailand and Indonesia and also know as the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT). Malaysia has good network with Thaialnd and Indonesia. (Asean Ports Association Malaysia, 2010), Penang Port can be positioned as a regional transshipment hub and upgraded to be one of the major container ports in the Bay of Bengal. The figure below show the map of IMT-GT. FIGURE1.3 Map of Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle 1.2.1…

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  • Importance Of Tourism Indonesia

    most countries around the world. Indonesia is one of the world’s most remarkable geographical areas where the various natural and cultural resources offer major tourism attractions. Basically, the Southeast Asian Country of Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 tropical and volcanic islands that straddle the equator between the Indian and pacific oceans. Indonesia is a home to more than 300 ethnic groups with approximately 500 spoken languages and dialects. Indonesia is well known with a unique…

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  • Case Study: PT Astra International

    CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND PT Astra International is the biggest independent manufacturing company in south Asia. This company was established in 1957, the company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia before 1990’s, and this company name was PT Astra International Incorporated. There are several types of businesses that were developed by PT Astra International. They developed their businesses all over the world and they are engaged in many types of product and services,…

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  • Galactic Polity System

    The kingdoms of central Java in the classical and early modern periods are an excellent case study of the general transition to a galactic polity system in Southeast Asia. Although these powerful polities ruled their areas from 1500 to 1800, the roots of these societies can be found in the beginning of the classical period in the 9th century. In Java, an early agrarian Hindu-Buddhist society gave way to the rise of the Kingdom of Majapahit, and later, the Kingdom of Mataram. Through the…

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  • The Importance Of The Working Environment In Indonesia

    industrial countries, are remained poorly neglected (Bosak, Coetsee, & Cullinane, 2013). For instance, Indonesia as an emerging country has three major issues regarding psychological safety, labour market security and quality of the working environment issues such as poorly paid salary and wages, long working hours, accidents, etc. (OECD, 2014). In fact, Jamsostek (2013) reports that work accident in Indonesia has been increased 1.76 percent per year (p.82). Moreover, in 2013 there are 103.285…

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  • Peru's Agricultural Export Opportunities In Singapore Case Analysis

    Peru’s Agricultural Export Opportunities in the US Market Singapore Introduction Singapore, also referred to as the Republic of Singapore is one of the top-ranked island countries in Southeast Asia. The main territory of Singapore includes a main island that is diamond-shaped as well as over 60 smaller islets (Singapore, 2010). Singapore is an agile and high potential location for financial hubs, global commerce, and transportation hubs. According to the World Bank, Singapore is considered as…

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  • Oil Palm Deforestation

    sixty per cent on the entire forest has been transformed into oil palm, in addition to a minimum of eighty three per cent occurs at the direct expense of the forest3, and has been mentioned by an Indonesian rights and resource group,4 that in 2014 Indonesia had the highest rate of deforestation on Earth. Moreover, World Watch6 has estimated that in the expansion of oil palm production more than 340,000 hectares of Indonesian land has been traded from dense lowland forest to oil palm plantations,…

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  • Research Design: Qualitative And Survey Methods

    of several reasons. First, it could reach wider geographical areas. The main benefit from an e-HRM is its ability to disperse location boundaries from the users to attain HR-related services. Furthermore, with the vast geographical conditions of Indonesia, it will need more time to visit the selected samples. Online method also could reduce the research costs since most of the required elements are available for free. Another advantage of online method is easier to manage. The questionnaire…

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  • Japan's Foreign Aid

    Being the largest nation in ASEAN, makes the general headquarter of ASEAN located in Indonesia, which raise up the importance of Indonesia to Japan (Purba, 2001). Both countries relations have been running well since the end of World War II despite of the invasion by Japanese to Indonesia. The official relationship was started in 1951 that Indonesia acquired ¥288 billion from Japan after Tokyo reached a decision to remunerate war restitution to South East Asian countries…

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  • The Developmental State Theory: A Recipe For Sustained Economic Growth

    Although not much can be derived from the literature concerning this topic, Indonesia has had a mixed record within the discourse (Stubbs 2009, p.7; Hayashi 2010, pp.51–55). Vu (2007, pp.44–47) contends that Indonesia can be regarded as a DS due to the state developmental structures. This notion is also supported by a number of other scholars (Gainsborough, 2009:1318; Leftwich, 1995, 2010) albeit…

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